How coeliacs can now drink beer, worry-free

Man drinking beer

Up until now, most beers have been excluded from people with coeliacs disease, but things have changed thanks to Hahn.

Research from Coeliac Australia reveals that over six million Australians restrict gluten from their diets to some extent. And further to that, the data highlights that in addition to 357,000 Aussies that suffer from coeliac disease, 2.5 million Australians strictly avoid gluten due to intolerance or for other reasons. A further 4.5 million restrict to some degree.

That’s a lot of restriction. But, Hahn have, this season, gotten themselves a tick of approval from Coeliacs Australia, putting beer back on the cards for people who usually can’t enjoy.

The Hahn Ultra Crisp is a beer brewed entirely from rice – delivering a full-strength lager, that is lower carb, 99% sugar free, preservative free and gluten-free.

Hahn Ultra Crisp 1

Created using a ground-breaking brewing process five years in the making, the lager is endorsed by Coeliac Australia as gluten-free and appropriate for those with coeliac disease while maintaining the core traits of a low-carb Hahn beer.

They’ve even teamed-up with international chef, author and gluten-free lifestyle advocate Jason Roberts said the launch of Hahn Ultra Crisp aligns to his philosophy that living gluten-free does not mean you have to live taste free.

“Almost all beers are brewed with malted barley or wheat and will contain gluten. The whole process of brewing Hahn Ultra Crisp from rice is both contemporary and remarkable. It means people like me, who live a gluten-free lifestyle, can easily find and enjoy a refreshing beer.”

Hahn Ultra Crisp will be a permanent release and is available from 18 February from leading retailers around the country. It will have a RRP of $47-$55 per case and $17-$20 per six pack.