How your bedding affects sleep quality

Woman sleeping

If you live to be 75, you’ll have spent 25 of those years sleeping. Sleep is so important for healthy functioning during the day, and if you’re getting enough sleep you’ll be more alert, on the ball and are likely to retain more information and generally be more successful in life.

But not everybody gets a solid, uninterrupted eight hours a night. Some of us, unfortunately, suffer from poor sleep. There are many culprits to why your sleep may suffer, including increased screen time, stress, kids’ waking up or having accidents, or even sleep apnea. But your bedding can also impact your sleep quality. Let’s check this out a bit more.

You need a good quality mattress

If you don’t have a great mattress, you’re in trouble. Whether you’ve purchased mattresses online or in store you need a good quality one or your sleep may suffer. To begin with, nobody likes to bunk down for the night on a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress. Your mattress needs to be perfect for you, and this may mean nice and firm for some or pillowy soft for others. And if you’re sharing your bed you need to compromise with your chosen partner! So find something that’s comfortable for you and you’ll find your quality of rest will improve.

Secondly, a bad mattress can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. This can mean you wake up due to discomfort and your sleep suffers, and you’ll also feel the aches and twitches throughout the day as well. So invest in a quality mattress and your overall wellbeing will improve. Try memory foam mattresses, probably a crowning jewel of sleep innovation. They don’t put pressure on painful points in the body, helping injuries heal faster, and are resistant to allergens.
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Pillows matter too

Did you know that pillows wear out after time? Old, worn out pillows don’t provide enough neck or shoulder support and may negatively impact how you sleep and rejuvenate after a hard day. As a rule of thumb replace standard types of pillows every eighteen months to two years and memory foam pillows every three years. You can even get gel pillows to keep you nice and cool during the summer months!

Bed bases

A decent quality bed base is also a must have. There’s no point getting a brilliant mattress and popping it on top of a second rate bed base. Your bed base should be firm and sturdy and be able to support the weight of the mattress and whoever is sleeping on it. So those milk crates or pallet bases, while thrifty and MacGuyverish, may have to go to the tip and be replaced by a sturdy base. Shop around for a base, you can generally find a decent one for between $4-700.

Get your linen right

A common cause of poor sleep can be overheating or getting too cold. You want to make sure that you have linen that’s appropriate to the season. Some folks opt out of having a sheet under the doona or blanket, while others love to snuggle up under multiple layers of doonas and blankets and sheets. At the end of the day, like mattress firmness, it’s a personal choice that you need to decide on. And remember, you can always throw a layer off if you get too hot.

There we have it

So, by now you’re informed about how bedding can impact your sleep. Grab a good quality mattress that’s right for you as mattress firmness or softness is an individual choice. Follow up this purchase with a decent bed base too. Make sure to replace your pillows once they wear out, and ensure that you have appropriate amounts of layers of linen for the season that you’re in. Sweet dreams. 

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