How Australia offers its own Las Vegas

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Australia is home to beautiful landscapes, dazzling coastal beaches and some spectacular wildlife. It’s no wonder that the land down under is a hit with tourists around the world. Australia is so rich in culture that, when you look close enough, you can see the inspiration for areas and landmarks across the country. For avid travellers, there are so many cities around the world to choose from, but would you believe that for those that dream of one-day visiting cities like Las Vegas, they can come very close to it in their own back garden? 

Australian Hotspots

For travellers that are seeking the unforgettable experiences of Sin City, Australia is home to many popular casinos, seen here at, that can undoubtedly mirror what Las Vegas can offer. There’s Casino Canberra, situated (you guessed it) in the city of Canberra. It’s the first casino to ever grace Australia, and it offers a variety of casino games for its customers. This casino is known for its calming, relaxed atmosphere at the Onyx Sports Lounge that’s complimented with some delicious food, or at the Chandelier Bar, a stunning and elegant area for players to relax in between gaming. Both options really boost the overall experience at the casino.  

Adelaide Casino, best known as SkyCity Adelaide, offers a different atmosphere. Located in South Australia, gamers can choose from classic casino game favourites like blackjack, poker and roulette. One of the casino’s biggest attractions is the rooftop restaurants, like Sean’s Kitchen and Madame Hanoi. This casino offers dinner with spectacular views of Adelaide. You can enjoy your favourite casino games and soak up the view right after – what a treat. 

If travellers find themselves on the east coast of Australia, they’ll stumble upon Gold Coast, a coastal city in the region of Queensland. Not only does it offer breathtaking views, but if they’re casino fans with a thirst for Vegas-related affairs, they’ll be right at home. Gold Coast offers a spectacular nightlife that you can’t find in other parts of Australia, mixed with a strip of some great casinos to quench those casino-gaming itches. More information on this area can be found at

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Digital Alternatives

For Australian tourists that enjoy going to the casinos but may not find time to visit one during their stay, it doesn’t mean that seeking the Vegas experience should come to an end. For travellers that have time in the evenings or during their busy daily schedules to sit down and relax, they can turn to the online world for their gaming sessions. There are plenty of Vegas-themed casino slots on casino sites for players to enjoy, and it’s another easy and enjoyable way of replicating what you can find in Las Vegas. 

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Sites like offer a variety of Vegas-related casino games, Leo Vegas and Dream Vegas being two of them. Not only is this a direct link to the casino gaming experience in Las Vegas, but Leo Vegas is also the casino of the month. It certainly sounds like an ideal combination for casino-loving travellers with a soft spot for the big city. The site also includes Jackpot City, which includes plenty of Atlantean content, a theme that’s seen regularly around Vegas. 

Las Vegas is the dream destination for many tourists, but not being able to make it there isn’t the be-all and end-all. Australia offers a flavour for a variety of different cities and cultures around the world, and with its popular casinos and sprawling nightlife, it looks like tourists in Australia don’t have to look far.