How artificial greenery can save you time and money

Houseplant 1

Looking for the perfect garden? Staying safe at home can get a little boring and stuffy, but it doesn’t have to be! Open your windows and doors to enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces. Let the cool Autumn breeze bring peace and serenity into your home to calm your body, mind and soul. 

It doesn’t matter whether your garden space is big or small, or if you live in an apartment with a balcony. Building your outdoor space with an artificial garden (check the case study) can brighten up any space without the hassles of maintaining a real garden. It can really transform your space into an accessible lush haven for rest and relaxation all year round. 

Here’s how and why!  

Artificial Greenery Doesn’t Grow

No trimming needed! As fake plants do not grow, they stay green and perfectly trimmed throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a green thumb or a professional gardener that comes over weekly. With artificial greenery plants and hedges, all you have to do is set it up in place and you’re all set! 

With artificial greenery plants and trees, there is no need for the usual pruning, watering, fertilising and soil replacing. Plus, the best part is; you won’t have to sweep away those dried leaves every morning and evening that’s on your driveway, porch, balcony or yard. Saving you loads of time and effort. We know how tiring it can be! 

This alternative to real plants is just simply the perfect solution for busy homeowners or those looking to minimise time spent on housework. We love it and we are sure you would too.

Zero Maintenance Cost

Besides time, fake greenery can also save you some bucks! With the ongoing pandemic raging on, there’s no better time than now to put some money aside for a rainy day. Cutting down on unnecessary expenses will definitely contribute more into the piggy bank. 

It’s no secret that a real lawn or green wall requires a lot of work and money to maintain. To keep it looking its best, real plants and greenery will need more capital for its day to day upkeep. You’ll need to invest in lawn mowers, hedge shears, rakes and fertilisers. That’s a lot of work and money! 

Why not save all the fuss and additional expense? With artificial plants, you’ll get the same aesthetic garden look you’ve always wanted but with a much lower maintenance cost. 

Saves On Water Bill

Fake vertical green walls and plants do not need watering. On the other hand, real green walls require an automated irrigation system with a timer so that the plants don’t dry out. Plus it can use about 1 – 2 litres of water a day! The cost added up in a year will definitely cause a significant increase to your water bill. 

The impact on this can be even worse where there isn’t much rain. For example, South Eastern Australia has been experiencing prolonged dry spells and lower rainfall over the years. This means more house pipe watering to save your real plants from the scorching heat. Do you really have the extra time every evening to water your plants? Yet another chore you do not need!  

Unnecessary watering can also be harmful for the environment. Practising good water conservation helps to protect the Australian wildlife and saves on energy needed to filter, heat and pump water into our homes. With less water used, this reduces our carbon footprint. 

No Worries About Pesticides

Having a garden is all about enjoying your garden and outdoor space. Real gardens need a lot of care and attention. Weed killers, fertilisers and insect pesticides contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you, your children and pets. These chemicals can cause short term adverse side effects such as rashes, blindness, nausea and diarrhoea and with long term exposure resulting in death. 

These days, it’s a good thing some artificial plant manufacturers are offering earth friendly artificial plants. One such manufacturer and supplier is Designer Plants Australia.  Their artificial hedges are 100% toxic free and ROHS compliant and tested. This makes their hedges 100% free of harmful toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Now, you and your loved ones (and pups!) can enjoy the greenery without any worries!

As it is artificial, you won’t have to worry about garden pests such as snails and aphids from eating and destroying your plants. Those tiny holes on the leaves are every green thumb’s worst nightmare! These pesky little garden creatures are not attracted to artificial greenery, so you’re all good.

Artificial Plants for the Win!

After much comparison, fake greenery and plants surely come out tops for saving time and money. Initially, it may cost more to set up artificial plants, but the maintenance and upkeep of real plants in the long run is more likely to burn a hole in your pocket! 

You can count on these artificial green hedges to give you the privacy you need from your neighbour’s prying eyes when you head out on your deck or balcony for a cuppa! What’s not to love?