The history and evolution of online casino gaming

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The online casino and online gaming industry is a dynamic environment. This industry is witnessing constant updates and changes with many new punters entering the scene and finding various tricks to play online slots Australia real money making the competition intense.

Long ago, online casinos experienced a lot of scams, and this made these online casinos incur significant losses. Thanks to internet speed, online casino beefed their security hence eliminating the bogus online casinos. By mid-1990s, the number of online gambling companies began to grow. This led to increased scams in the industry as there were no independent regulatory bodies to guard online transactions.

Here is a summary of how today’s online gambling activities have evolved from where they all began.

The mid-‘90s

Online casinos reportedly came into existence in 1994 and were mainly online bingo. The original casino sites had slow gameplays due to slow internet speed and offered only play money to gamblers. During this period, it was nearly impossible to do transactions over the internet since security features were not advanced.

By 1996, the internet became recognized, and many Internet Service Providers entered, creating stiff competition. As a result, the technology improved, allowing the secure online financial transaction. Cryptologic was one of the first secure online transactions to be developed, and Intercasino was the site where real money transaction was first carried out.

Since transactions were not secured like today, most online gambling sites had their offices located in the Caribbean islands like Antigua Barbuda which sanctioned gambling licenses for online betting sites

Play safe

By the end of the ‘90s, the online betting industry started to witness an increase in revenues worth $834.5 million, and this was just the beginning. With the exponential income growth from this industry, numerous countries also began granting gambling licenses with enticing tax-saving benefits to online casinos worldwide. 

In Australia, Lasseter was among the first casino sites in 1999. They were also the first casino sites with interactive live chat options.

Highspeed internet

The turn of the 21st century saw an increased internet speed, leading to the emergence of interactive online casinos and sports betting. Gamblers did not have to travel to the casino to play as they could gamble in the comfort of their homes. This trend was spreading, prompting several countries, including Australia, to permit online casinos license to operate.

Around 2003, many different online types of online gambling emerged as the internet was able to able to conduct a real-time dialogue. This led to the rise of entertaining games, live dealer games, and video poker, among others.

The best online casinos

Today, online gambling activity is a competitive industry where stakeholders invest billions in improving user experience. As a result, we now have optimized casino sites and a wide variety of casino games with unique titles, features, and gameplays. The games offer a fantastic gaming experience that players can enjoy regardless of location.