Giving your puppy the best start in life – helpful tips all owners should know

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Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting time for everyone. There’s a lot to get ready and plenty to have in place before your new addition reaches their forever home. But despite giving your puppy the warmest of welcomes and all the love and attention during those first moments, you must have the right structure in place to ensure your puppy has the very best start in life.

The better your puppy’s beginnings are, the stronger, healthier, and happier they will be as they become fully grown, adult dogs. Let’s explore some helpful tips puppy owners should know to give their new family member the very best start in life.

Premium nutrition is essential

Just as our own nutrition is important, so is the quality of food your puppy is consuming. Premium nutrition has a strong impact on the overall health and wellbeing of your dog, not just in these early stages but as they grow into adults too. Giving puppies a strong nutritious foundation with a balanced diet and size/age-appropriate food will help them grow fit and healthy at every stage of their development. If you’re looking for science-backed pet food, you can check out the Science Diet pet food range, here.

Microchipping your puppy

Here in Australia, having your pet microchipped is a legal requirement from 3 months of age. It sounds like a painful procedure, but your puppy won’t feel a thing – and you’ll be on hand to spoil them with plenty of nutritious treats afterwards. When your pet is microchipped, you’ll get peace of mind that if they go missing, are stolen or get lost, there’ll be a stronger chance of them being returned to you. Just remember to update the data on your pets’ chip if you move house or change your phone number!

Ensure their home environment is safe

Puppies are rambunctious, curious, full of fun and energy. But they shouldn’t be constantly stimulated. In those moments of quiet and relaxation, your pup must have somewhere quiet where they can relax without being bothered by other pets or family members. A comfortable dog bed, with some toys, is the perfect place for your pet to retreat to should they need a break, or if they want to settle themselves.

Make your home hazard-free

Your home is full of potential puppy hazards, so before you bring your puppy home make sure it’s hazard free! Wires and cables should be out of the way, food and medicines should be kept out of reach and you should also check your garden is safe and secure.

Puppy training

Puppy training is incredibly important at this stage, as it helps to establish communication and commands between you and your pup, as well as introducing a social element that your puppy will love. Puppy training helps to establish good behaviours before bad habits creep in, and is also a wonderful opportunity for you to strengthen your bond and help to keep your puppy safe.

Final thoughts….

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a puppy home for the first time! Follow the advice above to ensure they have the very best start in life.