Gin and exploration: Mr Fogg’s London turns the clock back by 100 years

Mr Foggs bar

There were no Google maps, no iPhones, no EPIRBs, no satellite tracking, bags weren’t make of tough stuff, shoes weren’t as advanced as they are now and – let’s be honest – people just weren’t as fit as we are today.

This situation – and even more disconnected if you go even further back – indicate the conditions under which most of the world was discovered, trekked through, divulged and unveiled to one or many explorers through history and this summer in London, Mr Fogg’s is giving you a chance to learn all about it.

It’s called the Mr Fogg’s Explorer Series and this June, it’ll host two dudes called the Turner Twins, modern day explorers who’ll be discussing how hard it was to be an explorer 100 years ago compared to the modern day. 

On 3 June, you’ll be taken on a journey as the two of them look back at the challenges faced by explorers all those years ago, battling against the elements with almost none of the technology and equipment explorers have today. With stories from their latest mission of reaching the world’s eight poles of inaccessibility, you can sit back and listen to the highs and lows of the adventure so far, with Tanqueray No. Ten gin cocktails in hand. 

The Turner Twins are charitably-minded modern day explorers who’ve made it their life’s mission to chart the unconventional life path that has seen them searching for answers by embarking on a series of challenges that combines pioneering medical research and unique studies of historical expeditions.

And Mr Fogg’s is a funky London Bar inspired by Phileas J. Fogg, with an intrepid air and a cool vibe. Perfect for the coming together of unique experiences, good drinks and fabulous tales.

Head along on 3 June from 7pm to Mr Fogg’s Residence, 15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD.

Turner Twins