Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas: Coming to screens in 2019

Gay Loathing Bris Vegas 1

There’s a 14-part web series coming to the internet in 2019 that everyone – especially the gays – needs to watch.

It’s about Australia’s most fervently boringly brilliant city: Brisbane. But more notably, what exactly the marginal percentage of people who identify themselves as part of the city’s LGBTIQ community do to fill the time, and how that all unfolds.

Set in the historic city of Brisbane, Australia, Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas explores the lives of seven central characters over the course of two days in the cul-de-sacs of where they live.

The blueprint for the characters are portrayed by local Brisbane actors Sean Dennehy, Leigh Buchanan, Paul Newlands, Michael Deed, Josh Walker, Peter Wood, Jake Orlando-Cowan is based on the comedy scripts written by John B. Uren and Craig Rossiter.

It all explores what happens when the most exciting thing in town is a man-made beach. It tells the self-deprecating tale of a popular-with-the-gays city in a tracksuit where sequins come to die and how the Brisgays survive.

They go to breakfast, they glare. They go to brunch, they loathe. They go to Instagram, they judge. They go to Grindr, they regret. They end up at Sporty’s and wonder why.

Presented by Cloudland Pictures, “It’s the Kath and Kim of gay Brisbane. It’s suburban Australia brought to life with hysterical comedy”, says Leigh Buchanan, who portrays Garette, a bored homemaker who loves to drink and is the partner of Nathan (played by Sean Dennehy).

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Gay Loathing Bris Vegas 2