A food tour of Melbourne: what to eat and where

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Australia is the chosen destination for many holiday makers and expats. With stunning landscapes, friendly people, family friendly activities and delicious gastronomy, the country’s popularity is no surprise. Oz offers many unique recipes; some dishes are famous in very specific locations and others are considered more of a national delicacy. Melbourne has become a focus point for the country’s new foodie buzz. Let’s go through the most famous, must try meals and get the taste buds tingling!

Where to stay during your great Aussie food tour

First thing’s first, to try all the very best food on offer in Australia, you need a good base. A comfy home to relax after eating your body weight in delicious treats. The best way to find your perfect pad is to search on websites such as Rentola. A great place to start would be Melbourne, as it’s a hub for bold, daring new trends in the country’s gastronomic scene. You can use the search engine to find your ideal house, in the middle of all the foodie action.

Queen Victoria Market – first stop of the epic food tour

A food tour blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. With over six hundred food stalls, you can find the freshest of produce, the coolest delis, specialty food & grocers as well as plenty of events. Get your hands on some meat pies, a popular snack enjoyed by Aussies throughout the year. Wash it down with a craft beer, in one of the many pop-up bars around the market. This will give you some energy for the rest of the tour!

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Craft beer – a top pick for Melburnians and tourists alike

The past decade has seen a rise in popularity of independent breweries, offering hundreds of types of craft beer. Usually in huge warehouses, you’ll feel like a bit of a hipster sipping on your pint. It’s a great way to enjoy the city’s buzz and meet friendly locals. Some of the favorite venues are Bojak Brewing, Temple Brewing Company, Urban Alley Brewery or Fixation Brewery Company, amongst many others. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

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A traditional BBQ is a must do experience in Oz

After a few pints in the brewery, you’re no doubt going to need a big hearty meal. What could be better than a traditional Aussie BBQ. Grilling meat has become an art form and having a meaty feast is one of the most laid back, fun activities to do during your stay. Forget about cutlery and reconnect with our caveman past by digging into your meal with your fingers. Some of the favorite stops are Bluebonnet, Meatmaiden, B’churrasco and Red Gum BBQ.

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Lamingtons – Aussies’ most loved desert

For dessert, the classic Lamington cake is a top pick. These square, chocolate and coconut covered sponge cakes originated in Queensland around 1900 and have caused quite the controversy and managed to divide the nation on one very specific question: Jam or no jam? Many believe that a thin layer of jam in the sponge cake is delicious, others prefer the classic recipe without. Either way, these treats are the perfect snack to finish your meal with. You will be able to find them in most quality bakeries, but some favorites are Phillippa’s, Piccolina Gelateria and Ned’s Bake.

There are of course many many other recipes and delicacies you must try during your stay in Melbourne, but by following this guide, you’ll have a good idea of how the locals do it.