Fitbit Inspire 2: a journey to a fitter self

Fitbit Inspire 2 1

We’re in the era of ‘proof! Or it didn’t happen’, so what better way to prove to your friends, family and social followers that you smashed that 20 kay, half marathon on the weekend than with a Fitbit map to prove it?

This is why the likes of Fitbit’s latest Inspire 2 is good. That, and a few other reasons that we’ll explore now.

It does the usual Fitbit tracking of activity, heart and sleep, coupled with a journey into Fitbit Premium, the company’s own extrapolated insights into how your body works and responds to the movements you make.

You score Fitbit Premium for a year when you make the purchase.

With these insights, you’re given the power to investigate how you sleep, where your heart rate’s at – and how you can improve it with personalised fitness programs using the Fitbit app.

It’s a sleek, streamlined piece of wearable tech by Fitbit that puts the emphasis on interconnectedness as well as wearability – at an affordable price – with a solid 10-day battery life for all your outdoor escapades. Y’know, when you’re allowed.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is an easy-to-use fitness tracker that packs 24/7 heart rate, Active Zone Minutes and more into your daily routine, on-demand when you need it.

Find out more or get your own from Fitbit.

Fitbit Inspire 2