Fantastic-sounding Australian location names that I can’t wait to visit

Uluru Australia

Australia is my dream location to explore, so it occurs to me because it’s so vast, then it’s best to travel around by van. To begin with, I would arrive in Brisbane and pick up a previewed van to buy or rent from around the area. Next I would need storage near Tingalpa to be a temporary base of operations to keep anything that I would rather have in a safer place than in the van I travel in or hotel room.

Then off I go! Here are the order of destinations I want to visit from start to finish, and the attractions in that location I plan on spending time in.

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Moreton Bay Marine Park, with its clean waters and intriguing islands, may be accessed from Brisbane via this location next to the Manly Boat Harbour. Manly Harbour Village retains a fishing village vibe and offers unique shopping.

Manly Harbour Village has restaurants for every taste. Great coffee shops, Irish, Chinese, Thai, modern Australian, and seafood restaurants are available. Nearly every bar, cafe, and restaurant has a view of the harbour.


See and explore some (literal) hidden jewels in this welcoming municipality. Take a trip on the Savannahlander, one of Australia’s great railways, on a vintage “silver-bullet” railmotor from the 1960s. Find your favourite gemstones when you pan for topaz, quartz, garnets, and other jewels; at the Gem Den, learn how raw material is carved into sparkling gems. Join a journey to the adjacent Undara Lava Tubes, a geological wonder.

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If you want a good place to eat after visiting the NSW Art Gallery, stroll around the Botanic Gardens.

The dock is only a five-minute stroll from the Gallery across the Domain, and it takes around ten minutes to get there from the Henry Lawson Gate of the Botanic Garden.

The historic wharf is lined with a number of waterfront eateries, including Otto, Manta, and China Doll. It’s not at all unpleasant to sit in the sun next to the lake on a sunny day.


Try this 21.7-km loop trek in the Victoria area near Devils River. 

It takes an average of 6 hours, 32 minutes to accomplish this course, which is generally regarded as moderately difficult.

Although this is a well-known trail for backpacking, hiking, and birding, you can still find some peace and quiet during the slower periods of the day.

The route is lovely to explore at any time of the year and is open all year. Dogs must stay at home because this trail is off-limits to them.


When you leave Sydney and head west on the highway, the city of Broken Hill will be the furthest point you reach before entering another state.

This is really an Outback country in every sense of the word. There is red dirt and sweltering heat in the summer, mining equipment parked on the side of the road, and old country taverns where miners congregate on the side of the road.

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Because it has waterfront camping, Indented Head is among the best sites in the country to sleep next to the beach while gazing at the stars. The Anderson Reserve, the Taylor Reserve, and Batman Park all provide opportunities for camping.

Renting an electric bicycle is one of the additional activities available at Indented Head, Victoria.

When you’ve gotten your hands on some super-powered wheels, you should check out the vineyards that are located on the Bellarine Peninsula. You can visit places like Scotchmans Hill and Terindah Estate as well as the Whiskery, Leura Park, and the Jack Rabbit Winery on a self-guided tour of the wineries in the Bellarine Peninsula.


Potato Beach (to the north) and Jemison’s Beach are the two beaches that may be found on each side of the Point (south). 

The latter is susceptible to stormy waves and strong winds, whilst the former offers a modicum of protection from these elements and is well-known in the area for its excellent surfing breaks and excellent beach fishing, particularly for salmon and bream. 

The beaches in this region are characterised by strong currents and rip currents, and in some areas they are surrounded by jagged rock platforms.

When swimming on any of the beaches, exercise extreme caution, and keep an eye out for dangerous currents caused by the rocks.

A journey of two kilometres down the beachfront road from Potato Point to Beachcomber Holiday Park, passing through the Eurobodalla National Park along the way, the first beach you will encounter is Potato Point Beach.