Extend your living space with a treehouse home office

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Australians are choosing to work from home even though the majority of offices have reopened in the country.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, government data shows that during the first quarter of 2021, nearly twice the normal share of the workforce worked at home at least once a week than before the start of the health crisis.

Since this type of work arrangement is here to stay, more homeowners are creating dedicated spaces to be more productive and engaged while they’re working from home.

Having a home office is possible if you’ve got the extra space, but if this isn’t the case, consider extending your living space and create a treehouse home office in your backyard – but don’t forget internet! And if you’re in the USA making this dream a reality, try internet providers Las Vegas.

Here’s what you need to do to get your project started.

Get the necessary permits and create a budget

Doing your paperwork is essential if you’re planning to build a treehouse office. You won’t be required to secure a permit if you’re just building a shed or a cubby house in your backyard, but if you’re thinking about creating a treehouse, there are a few things you need to do before you can start construction. In Australia, you’ll be required to get a development consent and construction certificate if you’re planning to build a treehouse office that’s larger than 20 square meters. You’ll also need a comprehensive arborist report that states the maximum loads your tree can take, and a geotechnical report as proof that the ground around the tree is stable enough to take the load of the proposed project. 

Once you’ve secured all the necessary permits, you’ll need to have your treehouse office designed by a professional, so it’s essential to have a budget for this. Make sure to get an estimate of all professional fees and building costs, and secure the funds before building your office. You can get a mortgage to cover your home extension cost and use a home loan calculator to figure out how much you can save on monthly house payments. Don’t forget to have a budget for utilities too since you’ll need electricity and WiFi in your treehouse office.

Consider your building materials

A fully-customised treehouse can give you the home office of your dreams, and for this, you’ll need to shell out around $35,000 to $140,000 AUD, depending on the materials, size, and design. If you want to save on building costs, opt for a prefabricated treehouse kit, which can be assembled in just a few days. Some kits are made of sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, so you can be assured that you’re building an eco-friendly office in your backyard. However, be aware that most of these prefab kits are about the size of a small motorhome, so you’ll need to use the space wisely. The good news is that prefabricated treehouse kits come in different styles, and these cost around $1,000 to $15,000 AUD. 

Make it cosy
After your treehouse office has been built and set up with electricity and Internet access, you’ll need to decorate it to make it cosy and inviting. To maximise the space, have a slim desk and a comfortable yet compact office chair in your office– avoid bulky furniture since these are heavy and can take up too much space. Include a small bookcase to house all your books and supplies, and decorate with a colourful rug, a live plant or two, and some art on the walls. You can also choose to have a built-in desk and a few shelves so you don’t have to purchase them separately. 

Working in a treehouse can get you closer to nature and improve your productivity. Consider building a treehouse office in your property, and remember to consult a professional before starting the project to get the best results.