Essential car safety tips

Man driving car in the sunset

Clearly, we’ve all heard enough of these to last a lifetime from both friends and family alike about always putting your seatbelt on to avoiding rash driving, but unfortunately it isn’t enough. The disturbing stats about how many thousands of people die from road accidents year after year is proof of that fact plus if any of us aren’t careful enough, horrifyingly we too can become a statistic. Across the world in just about every city imaginable, this is a recurring problem. Just knowing the essential pointers at the back of your head isn’t all, you need to also apply them to your driving life, sometimes on an everyday basis.

Ensuring that your car is in good condition: If you have plans on hitting the road for an extended road trip into the countryside, you definitely need to keep a few things in mind and oil is certainly at the top of that list. Don’t forget essentials like a car tire pump!

Check your oil every few days plus check your windscreen and windshields as well. Check for cracks or breakages on all of the lights as well.Oh and most of all, check your brakes thoroughly. If you happen to notice even the slightest problem, take your car for servicing at once. Car brakes can literally be the difference between life and death in certain situations so be at your most alert when it comes to the brakes.

Beating the fatigue: The dangerous fact of the matter is that on long drives, you tend to not even realise that you may be fatigued. An exhausted driver is a danger not only to himself, but also the occupants of the car. Taking short breaks every 2 hours is a good option, but the moment you notice the first few signs of fatigue, you should stop your car immediately and either switch with another person or look for a nearby place to get some rest. Falling asleep at the wheel is never a good thing.You might want to also keep in mind the fact that you will be much more likely to have an accident or feel drowsy if under the influence of alcohol or drugs, so either of them while you’re behind the wheel is a strict no-no. Even if done occasionally, the danger of you being heavily fined or jailed is not worth it.

Sleepy driver

Keeping a beady eye on your tyres: If you used your car on an everyday basis, chances are that they wear out much faster than you realise. The moment tread wear indicators show between the treads, you should get your tires replaced immediately. You will also need to check your vehicle every month for proper wheel alignment. Additionally, you should check the pressure on the tires ideally when they are cold and you haven’t taken the car out for a few hours.Bear in mind that worn-out tires can prove to be quite a problem once rainy season sets in, leading to skidding and sometimes complete loss of vehicle control. You also need to make doubly sure that all your tires are properly inflated to the specified pressure of the concerned manufacture.

Car mechanic at work in repair garage

Once you’ve covered the basics of keeping your car safe on the road, it’s equally important not to forget that all road signs are there for a very good reason and you would do well to abide by them. After all, it is in everyone’s prime interest that you remain as safe as possible while driving.