Embracing cocktails’ future: Aore Island Resort leads with Lyre’s

Lyres spirit alcohol drink

Swanky cocktails by the pool are not just a thing of the past; they’re evolving to meet the needs of a booming non-alcoholic drinks market that’s making its mark even in the relaxed beachfront bars of Vanuatu’s luxurious island resorts.

“We’ve certainly seen a huge shift,” says Lisa Gray, owner of Aore Island Resort. “A few years ago, unwinding and relaxing meant several cocktails by the pool or at our beachfront bar each evening. Now we’re inundated with requests for mocktails, low-alcoholic options, and fresh juices.”

To cater to this changing demand, Aore Island Resort has partnered with Lyre’s, an acclaimed Australian non-alcoholic spirit brand, with the vision of offering guests an array of stylish non-alcoholic cocktails that mirror the elegance and taste of traditional alcoholic equivalents. As of June, Aore will feature a variety of Lyre’s sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails on their drinks menu, setting a precedent as one of the first in Vanuatu to do so.

“When we were approached by Aore, we immediately seized the opportunity to extend our brand into Vanuatu,” says Kelli McPhie, Vice President of Lyre’s Australia and New Zealand. “We’re conscious of the immense shift in drinking habits over the last five years, which spans from total abstinence to mindful drinking and the sober curious. We’re thrilled to partner with such a stunning resort and offer our non-alcoholic products to visiting guests. It’s a win-win for us.”

To commemorate this partnership, Lyre’s mixologists have diligently curated a diverse non-alcoholic cocktail menu. The signature offering, the ‘Aore Coconut Mojito’, encapsulates the vibrant hues and flavours of the stunning tropical island. This fresh and zesty drink will be available at Aore’s Beachfront bar, and the recipe will also be shared on Lyre’s website for everyone to recreate this tropical delight at home. Indeed, the evolution of cocktail culture is as exciting as it is refreshing!