Embrace the Buzz of #WFHospoWeek: Trade Your Home Office for Vibrant Local Venues

The Duke of Wellington Melbourne pub

Innovators in the hospitality and workplace experience sector, me&u and Third Place, are thrilled to announce the national #WFHospoWeek, a ground-breaking initiative set to revolutionise the way Aussies work. From October 16th to 20th, swap the solitude of your home office for the lively buzz of your local hospitality venue, fostering not only enhanced productivity but also improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

During this special week, over a thousand venues across Australia’s cities and regional areas will transform into dynamic workspaces, offering worker-friendly food and drink specials. Iconic venues ranging from Sydney’s Republic Hotel, Melbourne’s Boatbuilder’s Yard, Brisbane’s Valley Hops, to Perth’s Valley Social, and The Island on the Gold Coast will open their doors, inviting flexible and remote workers to experience a new and vibrant work atmosphere.

The #WFHospoWeek initiative is backed by compelling research by me&u that reveals a strong interest among working Australians in utilising hospitality venues as a “third space” for work. Around 58% of Australian working venue-goers express eagerness to make use of these venues if they provide suitable facilities, while 60% would prefer such venues for meeting colleagues or associates during work hours.

This revolutionary concept of the “third place” is further underpinned by independent research carried out by Third Place. The study indicates that on average, workers utilise these venues two to three times per week for an average of one to three hours, often returning with family and friends. An overwhelming 86% of workers find that ‘third place’ hospitality venues contribute positively to their overall wellbeing, and an astounding 98% are keen to continue supporting their local venues by utilising these spaces for work in the future.

Leading expert in flexible and remote work practices, Professor Dr John Hopkins, highlights the significance of #WFHospoWeek, emphasising the pivotal role of third places in redefining workplace well-being. He stresses the multiple benefits of working from third places, which include reducing stress, sparking creativity, fostering focus, and lifting mood. Such shared experiences also foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and accountability among co-workers, helping prevent burnout and boosting mental resilience.

So, are you ready to embrace a vibrant new era of working conditions? Join us for #WFHospoWeek from Monday, October 16th to Friday, October 20th. Browse the list of participating venues at www.third-place.org and book your table today!