Elevate your brand with custom tissue paper in Australia

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For companies wishing to add a dash of class and sophistication to their product packaging, gift wrapping, and event branding, custom tissue paper has grown to be a popular branding tool. It can help companies boost their brand and stand out in a crowded market because of its affordability, adaptability, and environmental friendliness. 

This post will go over the advantages and applications of personalized tissue paper as well as how to order it in Australia.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Using personalized tissue paper for gift-wrapping, event branding, or product packaging is a budget-friendly approach to add a unique touch. It still gives your branding a sense of beauty and sophistication while being a more cost-effective option than custom-printed boxes or bags.
  • Versatility: It can be utilized for a range of packaging needs and is a flexible packaging material. It can be used to gift boxes as a finishing touch or to delicately wrap objects to safeguard them during transportation. Tissue paper can also be utilized as an inside packing material to cushion and safeguard your contents.
  • Eco-friendliness: Being recyclable and made from renewable resources, it is a sustainable packaging choice. For companies looking to lessen their influence on the environment, this makes it a fantastic option.
  • Branding opportunities: Businesses may exhibit their brand and logo in a distinctive and memorable way by using it. Businesses can design package experiences that reinforce their brand identity by modifying the hues, designs, and branding on tissue paper.
  • Adds value to the customer experience: It can enhance the unboxing experience for customers, making them feel special and valued. This can create a positive association with the brand and lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Creates a professional and polished look: It may give your product package a polished, professional appeal. Customers will form a lasting first impression of your products when they stand out on the shelf.

Design Options

  • Customizable colors and patterns: It can be created in any color or pattern to match the look of your company. You may then brand your products consistently across all of your packing materials.
  • Branding and logo options: The logo of your company or other branding components, such as slogans or taglines, can be imprinted on customized tissue paper. This gives your packaging a polished appearance and strengthens your brand identity.
  • Custom sizing and folding options: To meet your unique packaging requirements, this can be produced in any size or shape. To create a distinctive packing experience, it can also be folded in different ways, such as accordion-style or wrapped around objects.
  • Specialty finishes: It can be printed with specialty finishes, such as metallic or matte finishes, to add an extra layer of sophistication to your packaging.
  • Artistic designs: These can feature artistic designs or illustrations that complement your brand’s aesthetic. This creates a unique and memorable packaging experience for your customers.

Custom tissue paper has an almost infinite number of design possibilities. You may create a special packaging experience that reflects your brand’s personality and enhances the customer experience by personalizing the colors, patterns, branding, and size of your tissue paper. 


It can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your brand. One of the most common uses is in product packaging and wrapping. Customized tissue paper can add a professional and polished look to your product packaging, making it stand out on the shelves.

It can also be used for gift wrapping, creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Customized tissue paper can even be used for event decoration and branding, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event.

How to Order

  • Researching suppliers: The first step in obtaining personalized tissue paper is to look across Australian suppliers who provide these services. Look for suppliers who provide high-quality printing and customisation possibilities, and check their service and product quality against customer reviews to make sure they live up to your expectations.
  • Designing and submitting artwork: You’ll need to produce artwork for your bespoke tissue paper design once you’ve located a source. You can accomplish this by either employing a graphic designer or using graphic design tools. Make sure to adhere to the supplier’s specifications for artwork in terms of file format, quality, and color mode.
  • Ordering and delivery options: You must place your order and select your delivery options after submitting your artwork to the supplier. For an additional cost, certain vendors could provide express or expedited shipping options. To guarantee that your tissue paper comes when you need it, be careful to clarify the delivery schedule with the provider.

Working with a reliable vendor who provides premium printing and customisation possibilities is crucial when obtaining customised tissue paper in Australia. This guarantees that your tissue paper portrays the essence of your brand while looking polished and professional. Customized tissue paper can be a useful tool for your company’s branding with a little investigation and attention to detail.

Case Studies: Examples of Brands Using Customized Tissue Paper

For their consumers’ unforgettable unpacking experiences, many Australian firms have used personalized tissue paper to elevate their brands. For instance, a well-known online children’s clothing company in Australia uses personalized tissue paper with their brand’s distinguishing hues and designs to package each transaction. The unboxing experience is made more fun and delightful by the tissue paper, which fosters a favorable brand association.

Another illustration is a Sydney clothes boutique that utilizes personalized tissue paper to package each item. The tissue paper bears the store’s name and insignia, giving every purchase a polished and professional feel. Customers are more likely to return and spread good word of mouth when businesses pay attention to the little things.


Businesses can enhance their brand and provide their customers with a memorable unpacking experience by using customized tissue paper, which is an easy and affordable method to do it. Businesses may build a distinctive and memorable packaging experience that enhances their brand by customizing the colors, patterns, and branding on tissue paper.

Search for suppliers who provide top-notch printing and customisation possibilities if you’re interested in obtaining customized tissue paper in Australia.It can assist in elevating your brand with a little imagination and focus on detail.

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