Drink milk right from the cow: Made By Cow raw milk

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Love the idea of drinking milk in its most purest form, straight from farm to bottle? Of course you do! Then you’re going to love Made By Cow – the world’s first safe to drink raw milk. Unlike the majority of the milk we find on the supermarket shelves that are subjected to heat pasteurisation, Made By Cow is created using an innovative cold high pressure method, along with….a little bit of love and passion! This cold high pressure method destroys harmful pathogens without depleting the milk’s natural nutrients. Unlike pasteurised milk, Made by Cow milk retains all the important enzymes. The end result? A deliciously creamy, cold pressed raw milk – straight from the cutest Jersey cow herd on the New South Wales South Coast to bottle. 

Aside from the fact this milk comes from happy and healthy free-range cows, the secret behind this wonderful product is a new, patented, breakthrough method which has been approved by the New South Wales Food Authority. So there’s no need to worry about the harmful bacteria that was once associated with drinking raw milk. Hooray!

In a nutshell, Made By Cow milk is sourced from a single Jersey herd and then transferred to the processing site where it is tested for quality. It is then bottled, sealed and then loaded into a high pressure processing unit which destroys any harmful pathogens. Interesting fact: the high isostatic pressure applied to every sealed bottle measures six times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean. From here, the bottles of creamy goodness are then mooooved directly to stockists. And bad cow jokes end here. 

Compared to standard milk, you’ll also find an unopened bottle of Made By Cow milk has a longer use-by date, a six-week shelf life to be exact. This is because the bottle is contained and sealed, so there is no opportunity for any stray, airborne contamination to get inside the bottle once it has been pressurised. Standard milk on the other hand is bottled after it has been heat pasteurised, which means contamination can still occur, resulting in a shorter shelf life. 

Made By Cow is available in two sizes: 750ml and 1.5L and can be found at these stockists
If you want to learn more about Made By Cow, visit their FAQ page here.

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