Discover the most overrun holiday destinations: where tourists outnumber locals

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Imagine strolling along the cobblestone streets of a picturesque city, getting lost in its rich history and vibrant culture. The sights, sounds, and flavours tantalise your senses, creating memories that will last a lifetime. But what happens when these beloved destinations become overrun by hordes of tourists? We delved into the data to uncover the most over-touristed cities and countries around the world, and the results are eye-opening.

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Topping the list of the most overloaded cities is Phuket, Thailand. With a staggering 118.5 tourists for every 1 resident, the bustling streets of this once idyllic paradise can get incredibly crowded. While the Old Town retains its charm, it’s hard to escape the throngs of visitors during peak season. In fact, Thailand dominates the rankings, with Pattaya and Krabi taking the second and third spots respectively. It’s clear that this Southeast Asian gem is a magnet for tourists from all corners of the globe.

But it’s not just cities that bear the brunt of over-tourism. Austria takes the crown as the most over-touristed country worldwide. With an average of 3.6 international visitors per resident, the nation’s natural beauty and cultural treasures attract millions each year. From the stunning alpine landscapes to the historical charm of Vienna, Austria has captured the hearts of tourists worldwide. Following closely behind are Hong Kong and Greece, with estimated tourist-to-inhabitant ratios of 3.8 and 3 respectively.

Curious to know which other destinations made the list? Here are the top 10 locations where tourists outnumber locals:

  1. Phuket, Thailand: 118.5 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  2. Pattaya, Thailand: 98.7 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  3. Krabi, Thailand: 72.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  4. Mugla, Turkey: 40.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  5. Hurghada, Turkey: 28.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  6. Macau, China: 26.9 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  7. Heraklion, Greece: 22 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  8. Venice, Italy: 21.3 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  9. Rhodes, Greece: 20.3 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
  10. Miami, US: 18.6 tourists to every 1 inhabitant

These figures shed light on the impact of mass tourism on popular destinations worldwide. As travelers flock to these iconic locations, it’s crucial to find a balance between preserving the charm of these places and ensuring a positive experience for both visitors and locals.

To compile this data, the team at analysed international arrival figures from Euromonitor International and population data from World Population Review. By calculating the estimated number of tourists per inhabitant, we gained valuable insights into the scale of over-tourism in various cities and countries.

While the allure of these bustling destinations is undeniable, it’s important to be mindful of the impact of our travel choices. As responsible travellers, we can seek out lesser-known gems, respect local cultures, and support sustainable initiatives. By doing so, we can help preserve the magic of these beloved destinations for future generations to enjoy.

So, whether you’re planning your next adventure or browsing through breathtaking travel photos, remember to consider the impact of mass tourism and explore the hidden treasures that await beyond the beaten path. Let’s ensure that every destination remains a sanctuary of beauty and authenticity, both for the locals who call it home and for the intrepid travellers seeking unforgettable experiences.