Front door house

Creative ways to add curb appeal

Want to make the front of your home look more impressive? Here are a few improvements that are certain to wow guests and possibly even attract buyers if you’re planning to sell your home.

Get a new front door

An eye-catching door will make your home stand out on the street. By making people immediately drawn to the entrance, it can make your home feel more inviting. Upgrading an old door could also have other benefits such as added insulation and added security. There are so many different front door designs out there to choose from. Opting for a bright colours such as red, blue or green could be a great way to turn heads. Alternatively, you could try looking into ornate wooden doors or one with decorative glass panels.

Create a garden path

Guiding guests to the front door with a path can further help to make your home more inviting. This may only be possible if you have a front lawn. The path could be gravel or it could be made up of stepping stones. Giving it a windy shape and surrounding it with plants and ornaments could help to give a fairy-tale-like feel.

Decorate your driveway

If you’ve got a driveway, you may also be able to turn this into a statement feature. You could try opting for gravel as an earthy alternative to asphalt. Alternatively, you could try looking into decorative concrete – you may be able to create interesting patterns and even use coloured concrete to make it look more stylish. Different driveway types have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth looking into (gravel is cheap and easy to maintain, whilst concrete can be cleaner and better at dealing with all weathers).

Add some flowers

Flowers are great for making the front of a home feel cheery. If you have a front lawn, you could consider planting flower beds. Alternatively, you could just stick to hanging baskets either side of your front door. Try opting for brightly coloured flowers that contrast the colour of your home – if you’ve got a red-brick home it could be worth adding some white flowers, whilst a white home may stand out more against blues, pinks and reds.

Use exterior lighting

Exterior lighting could be useful for guiding to guests to your home at night. It will also keep away the wrong sort of guests – burglars are less likely to target your home as they’ll be less likely to do so undetected. Motion sensing lights can save you energy by only lighting up when people are nearby. You could also try considering solar lights for a constant ambient glow at night – these lights also won’t cost you a penny in energy bills as they get their energy from the sun.

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