Considering awning installation? Here are the basic questions that might cross your mind


Awnings are a pretty common thing that we see today, and they render a special look to the buildings, and even a pop of colour sometimes! Awning is nothing but a material of cloth or metal which extends out over windows and doors to provide protection from rain or the sun. Most of the times, the awnings make the property look so attractive and appealing, that we often forget that they are installed for a reason.

Imagine waiting outside your house for your car under the piercing sun, or not being able to enjoy being outdoors with your family due to sudden burst of rainfall, or imagine waiting outside your house to attend a party only to get drenched in rain. How disappointing would that be! All of these can be prevented just by installing aluminium awnings in Brisbane.

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  •   Questions to ask before awning installation:

One might think awning installation is a bit overrated! However, this is never the case. Awnings not only make your house look pretty from the outside, but also give opportunity to spend the weekends outdoors while protecting you and your children from direct sunlight. Like aluminium composite panels there are a wide variety of awning materials which you might consider for your property. However, before purchasing one, you need to ask a few basic questions first:

o   Where will it be placed? The answer to this question might seem obvious, but it is always better to get even the simplest thing sorted before installation. Awnings are mainly installed over a door, window or even over a deck to provide shade. It is thus crucial to see whether awning can be installed over the place you initially had in mind.

o   How will it be installed? Most of the times awnings are installed on the exterior walls of a building or a roof patch just over the gutter. Before proceeding with the process, it is always a good idea to have a word with the company to make sure that the awning will be designed to suit the location of installation perfectly. The manner in which the awning will be mounted will directly affect the steepness of the slope and at what height the awning will lie above the ground. Also, it will determine whether the awning can serve its purpose on that particular location or not.

o   Warranty? ?Whenever we purchase a new object, we always have questions regarding its warranty period just in case some unseen issues turn up. Same goes for the awnings. However, different parts of an awning will have different warranty period. Like the warranty period of the frame might be more than the cloth or fabric used. Thus, it is extremely necessary for you to understand the terms and conditions related to the warranty before you finalise the purchase. Commercial Awnings from Caribbean Blinds come with a 5-year full comprehensive guarantee, with no hidden costs. Any company that offers this type of cover is an ideal place to purchase from for peace of mind.

o   Manual or motorised? Whether you want to go for motorised or manual retractable awning — the choice is completely yours. However, in most of the cases, it is seen that people go for the motorised one, as in the long run more satisfaction is received. The motorised retractable awnings are the best option for the elderly people and also for those who do not have much strength or energy for the regular rigour. However, the manual ones can be a great option for those having no source of electricity on the house decks. 

These are the few basic questions that you must ask before purchasing the awnings for your house. It is crucial to get all the doubts out of your system and have a clear notion of what you are doing and the choices you are making.