Coffee that’s better for you: Beforeyouspeak’s new Octane

Octane coffee

We all drink coffee in the morning. So, why not make it better for you?

Meet Beforeyouspeak, the producers of Octane, the brainchild of two Queensland boys who are friends and fitness entrepreneurs, Ash and Jaryd.

By combining their experiences in sports nutrition and fitness, they created Octane, a coffee that’s super-charged and perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their energy levels and get more out of their day! 

It contains Green Tea Extract a popular powerhouse proven to assist with fat metabolism, blood sugar management and appetite control, L-Carnitine naturally produced within the body and regarded for its ability to break down stubborn fat stores and convert them into energy and MCT, popular for their ability to help metabolise unwanted fat. Also proven to enhance mental clarity, improving mood and general performance. 

Beforeyouspeak’s Octane comes as a single serve in easy-to-use coffee sachets, simply added to hot water with maximum benefits! Get a box for $69.95.