Choosing a corporate lunch venue in Melbourne

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So, you want to find an exceptional corporate venue to hire in Melbourne for a lunch event that you have coming up. You might not have a great deal of time to organise it, so choosing the right kind of place to work with is very important. You start a search but suddenly feel overwhelmed with the sea of restaurant, bar, and other venue names that seem to launch themselves off the page at you. How can you sort through the options to find the ideal venue?

Below are some helpful tips in choose the best-possible place for a corporate lunch:

Tip 1: Easy-to-Find Location

A corporate lunch event might be somewhat limited on time for attendees who have to get back to their respective offices in the afternoon. Therefore, choosing a place that is easy to find, and has convenient parking should be one of the top priorities. Somewhere in a good CBD location is really ideal, since it means that many of your likely attendees will actually be within walking distance of the restaurant. Keeping it prominent also means fewer people get lost, which means less chance of a delayed start.

Tip 2: Fast and Reliable Service

In addition to a convenient location, you should choose somewhere with reliably fast and high-quality service as their standard. Once again, your attendees likely won’t be able to hang around all afternoon waiting for food to come. It’s important to pick a venue where they’re used to catering for this kind of event and where they understand the importance of a fast and quality turnaround for food and drink.

A good business lunch should be able to be turned around in an hour or so, even with multiple courses and more than 10 people in a single order. Restaurants who understand this need often have lunch menu options that are easy to turn around in quick time, such as set menus with a smaller set of options.

Tip 3: Varied Menu Options

In the past, dietary requirements such as those of a vegetarian guest were fairly uncommon, but nowadays the range of special dietary requirements and restrictions seems to have grown and is far more commonplace. There are vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, as well as people who want gluten-free, halal, allergy-safe, and so on.

It doesn’t matter if customers have these restrictions for health reasons or as a matter of personal choice, a good venue will always be accommodating and provide more universal options that everyone can enjoy. The really great places will have even non-vegetarians salivating over the veggie options.

Tip 4: Look for Attractive Function Rooms

If you’re organising a special event that may involve someone giving a speech, or an award being presented, or you just want some privacy to discuss business matters with your guest, then you’ll need somewhere that can offer the right kind of function rooms. The rooms need to be of sufficient size, with good lighting, a nice atmosphere, and sufficiently private and/or quiet for your event to run without any interruptions.

If you’re trying to make a good impression on your guests, then it’s even more crucial to choose the right kind of place. Getting it wrong can set an unpleasant and awkward tone and make productive discussions an impossibility.

Tip 5: Enjoyable Atmosphere

Finally, you can’t have a corporate function without a venue that can guarantee a convivial, friendly and warm atmosphere. When it’s a lunch event, you don’t want anything too stuffy or overly formal, but nor do you want a noisy, clamouring kind of place that’s too crowded or too loud with music. Strike a balance and make comfort a priority.