Cherry Gin: Larrikin does it again with its Aussie inspired tipples

Cherry Lush Larrikin gin 1

Dark cherries and gin – not the most conventional of combos, but damn, does it work or what?

Larrikin Gin – the Australian-inspired gin with the nametag to prove it – have just gone out to the world with a gin, jammed with morello cherries and a whole unique take on drinking.

The ruby red gin – called Cherry Lush – has been bottled at 28%, delivering a smooth finish that is set to infuse all your senses with initial cherry sweetness followed by hints of tartness from the morellos. Whilst bold in flavour, ‘Cherry Lush’ can be enjoyed either straight or mixed, serving as the perfect addition to your favourite fruit cocktails.

Right in the middle of an Australian winter, this cherry-packed, wintry-inspired alcohol is perfect for while you’re perched fireside, or on top of a heating duct, warming you from the inside-out with the touch of gin and the warmth of dry tartness.

Score a bottle from Larrikin Gin or at selected on premise outlets for $85.

Cherry Lush Larrikin gin 2