The Charleston does southern American comfort food, but better, in Glebe

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If you’ve travelled the southern states of the United States, you’d know how they like to eat. 

It’s part Cajun, mostly fried, heavily focused on chicken and carbs and – as bad as it might be for you – is god damn, knee-slappingly delicious, y’all. 

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The Charleston has opened in Sydney’s Glebe, serving up a pretty wide ranging menu that’s inspired by southern American stylings, with typical Australian refinement. 

You get the usual corn bread chicken dishes as well as cocktails based on whisky to-boot, but it’s done in a way that’s so much more than just comfort food. 

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By Rob Teitzel and Osman Misirlizade, co-owners of The Cottage Bar & Kitchen in Balmain, The Charleston is a cute little cottage-looking venue from the street, which opens-up to a deep, brightly lit little haven of comfortable ease, complete with all the interior stylings of the trendiest new restaurant. They’ve cleverly incorporated the outdoors, in, by using skylights and retractable roofing, letting the Sydney climate work with what they’ve designed inside, instead of against. 

But it’s the menu that makes The Charleston shine. It takes inspiration from the shorelines of South Carolina to Coastal Charleston.

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All the food’s been designed by head chef Ellena Kim (The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, Uccello) who runs an open kitchen with a refreshing hands-on and open-window approach.

They pump out plate-after-plate of seafood, barbequed meats and vegetarian dishes from the menu, all which incorporate traditional flavours of the American south with fresh, local produce sourced from Sydney’s finest suppliers.

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They’ve been fast to establish their own signature dishes like the Lobster Roll with kohlrabi, apple remoulade, house pickle and served in a luxe milk bun, freshly shucked Sydney Rock Oysters and Corn Tortilla Tacos with a choice of fish, pulled pork or cauliflower popcorn fillings.

It’s all sensational. 

Small and large dishes to share include Baby Octopus with Olives, Minted Peas Puree, PeaShoots and Watermelon Radish and BBQ Beef Short Rib served with Sweet Corn and Chimichurri. 

Meanwhile, the only thing you need to know about dessert are the Brioche Donuts with Bourbon Glaze. Try these. 

Oh, and of course, if you’re a drinker (we all are), then speak to Matt. He’s got one hell of a knowledge of what’s behind the bar and what works well together. Throw a few flavours of choice at him, which alcohol is your poison and something pretty snazzy is sure to come your way. Or just pick something from the menu; whatever. 

See more about The Charleston at their website. 

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