Chances are that 47% of fellow travellers find you annoying

Female woman holiday trip travel photo

Everyone loves a holiday, everyone loves time off and everyone loves documenting said good times for future reference, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that. At least not if you fit into the roughly 10 million Aussies that go abroad every year. But, are you one of the annoying ones?

We all hear tales of “oh, I hate this”, and “I hate that” when we recount stories of each other’s travelling habits overseas, but some new findings by the travel people at Agoda have now got a verifiable list of the most annoying behaviours travellers adopt when overseas – and none of them are good.

Number one on the list won’t come as much of a surprise to you if you’re living in the modern day, but doesn’t make it any less annoying. According to the fresh stats, 47% of world travellers find it irrefutably annoying when travellers spend too much time on their mobile devices. Are you guilty?

Makes sense when you’ve spend in excess of thousands of dollars to go somewhere and you’re not taking it in.

The rest of it is fairly broad, but basically noisy travellers (57%), travellers glued to their devices (47%), and those insensitive to cultural nuances (46%) topped the most annoying habits of fellow travellers according to Agoda’s global ‘Annoying Travel Habits’ survey.

Mass tour groups and selfie-takers, cited by 36% and 21% respectively, completed the top five irritants. No surprises there!

Here are some other fun facts for Aussies abroad…

– Noisy travelers (56%), insensitivity to cultural nuances (54%) and overuse of devices (52%) are the most annoying habits for Australian travellers
– Women (25%) are less offended by selfie-takers than men (37%)
– Australians spend over an hour a day on their devices while travelling with family (68 minutes) and friends (80 minutes); they spend over an hour and a half (90 minutes) when travelling solo