Buildings that require plumbing

Houses in a line

When many people think of plumbing, their first thought may be of the pipes and water facilities within their own home. From here, they may also consider other buildings that they commonly come into contact with, such as offices, flats, or public buildings such as schools.

While this is correct, there are some less thought of buildings that would also require plumbing and a potentially constant water supply. By learning about the different types of building that may require plumbing, you can begin to appreciate how valuable those in the plumbing industry are.

Farmyard buildings

While a lot of outdoor properties in New Zealand don’t want or need, plumbing, some farmyard buildings require water sources. Whether these are for keeping animals’ water troughs filled up, or for the ease of cleaning down their living spaces, this water needs to come from somewhere. Pipes and specialist outdoor taps can be installed in barns and other farm shelters (see farm buildings from to provide the much needed resource.

A plumber can also be involved with any maintenance work in case of leaks, or simply to ensure that everything is working correctly and there are no obvious signs of wear and tear.


Whether you live in a house, flat, or other location, you should have indoor plumbing. Whether you have water for your bath or shower, toilet, bathroom or kitchen sink, this requires plumbing. Any work on the pipes or waterworks will need to be undertaken by a professional plumber.

Truthfully, it is impossible to have quality of life in your home without the aid of a plumber. You need to be able to have proper running water to avoid the chances of bacteria such as Legionella.

Offices and workspaces

Legally, you need to be able to access water when at work. You might need to use the toilet while on your shift. You also must be able to access clean, safe drinking water. For those who work in the catering industry, you may also need a constant flow of water for washing ingredients, keeping hands and utensils clean, and other general hygiene requirements. A lack of proper water, or a well maintained pipeline, can lead to flooding or other water problems, which can affect business.


When your child is at school, you want to know that they are properly looked after. The things they learn and the people who care for them during that time aren’t the only important aspects. You also need to be reassured that your child has access to drinking water, can use the toilet, wash their hands, and, for older children doing sports, be able to shower. All of this requires the use of a plumber who will have installed the water pipes to begin with.

Overall, it would be impossible to have good quality of life without running water in our structures and buildings. Due to this, plumbing is one of the most essential industries there is.