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Budget-friendly gift ideas for Christmas

It’s that time of year again when you have to spend ages trying to figure out what you’ll buy your loved ones for Christmas. If you’re on a tight budget, or you want to avoid the commercialism of the festive season, you may be wondering what types of inexpensive gifts you can give. The good news is there are many budget-friendly presents available that will be welcomed by recipients just as much as expensive mainstream gifts would be. If you’re short on ideas, check out these great inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Hampers

A Christmas hamper is always a joy to receive. This traditional gift mainly consists of non-perishable seasonal food items like plum pudding, chocolates, biscuits and cheese. You could even include a bottle of plonk. You can buy Christmas hampers at a range of prices to suit your specific budget. For instance, Hampers With Bite provides a variety of gift hampers, from the inexpensive Be Merry Hamper at only $25 to gourmet gift baskets for a more luxurious present. You could even create your own Christmas hamper to ensure it comes in on budget. A personalised hamper also allows you to include items tailored to your gift-receiver.

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A Canvas for Christmas

Personalised gifts say a lot more than readymade presents. One great personalised item you could consider buying is a canvas to hang on the wall. Making bespoke art pieces is easier than it’s ever been before. Do a quick online search for “create your own canvas”, and you will find various sites that allow you to create a personalised picture. On these sites, you can upload an image to print onto a canvas. You could take someone’s favourite Instagram photograph or use a picture of your recipient’s favourite band to create a one-off professional-looking print. Ideas are endless, as you can use any image you want. Giving a canvas is a perfect way of creating a one-off piece of art tailored towards your gift recipient. Furthermore, canvases can be dirt cheap to purchase. Prices start at as little as $5.

Mixed CDs

Remember making mix CDs to give to your loved ones when you were younger? Well, these are still popular gifts that can express how you feel. The great thing about making a mix CD is you can tailor it precisely to your recipient’s tastes. If you’re giving one to a friend you grew up with, you could include favourite songs from your youth. Alternatively, if you are giving a CD to your parents, it’s a chance to include songs that will take them down memory lane. Mix CDs cost very little to make, so they are great budget-friendly gift ideas that are sure to be warmly received.

Homemade Baked Goodies

If you’re strapped-for-cash, some of the most welcome gifts that you can make on a budget are home-baked foods. You can’t go wrong with yummy items like chocolate brownies, fudge, Krispies treats and homemade bread. They are inexpensive to make but will go down extremely well with any food-lover. To make your treats look more luxurious and festive, you can gift-wrap them in colourful boxes or bow-tie them in clear plastic bags. Most people will love homemade baked goodies, so you can even make a large batch to divide among your family and friends. That will save you time as well as money.

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