New hotel in Brisbane, The Calile, is where you need to be

New hotel in Brisbane

Brisbane 10 years ago versus Brisbane now; the two can’t compare.

When you have establishments like the new hotel, The Calile, open up right in the heart of Fortitude Valley, it speaks for itself.

An urban oasis stuck right on James Street in ‘The Valley’, it’s a hotel by TFE Hotels Collection that is one for the peak of the group’s crown. A one-night stay, courtesy of Hyundai Australia is enough to prove that.

Since 11 October 2018, The Calile has given Brisbane the aesthetic hotel it wanted, the urban oasis it needed and the gastronomic haven it’s obsessed with. Complete with in-house restaurant, the Greek Hellenika, oasis-like swimming pool, cooling architecture, generous rooms and luxurious finishings, the Calile is a hotel like no other in Brisbane.

It took 585 days to build the hotel, which now stands proudly, like an urban piece of art, touting its own flavour of luxurious hospitality.

It’s hard to say whether it’s the 270,000 white bricks that’re carefully positioned, forming exquisite archways, exterior facades and spacious outdoor areas embracing our tropical climate
in the most luxurious way, the welcoming feel of the entryway of the hotel alone, or the quiet bliss of the privacy of a room that makes the Calile the stay you need. Probably all three – and more.

The staff wear beige, the rough natural feel of the finishings of the hotel’s entryway make it feel like a grotto – cool, but cosy – and the lobby bar is as casually chic as the most cool, well-lit and airy inner-city Melbourne eateries. Done – dare say – better.

Once checked-in, from the moment you enter the room you feel at home – and cool, in the blistering Brisbane warmth. The blinds open automatically, giving you a full, what feels like, almost panoramic view of any direction of the Brisbane horizon. If you’re fortunate enough to have a view of the 27-metre pool, you really notice the attention to detail they paid…

Calile pool above

“When we design a place it has to feel like it has atmosphere with no one in it. Then when you actually fill it up with people, that is when it feels fantastic,” said Nick Jones, founder of Soho House and The Ned.

The Calile is all about bringing the outside in – and the inside out is integral to The Calile experience.

“We always try to make the most of our blue-sky spaces so you can make the most of them too,” he says.

Calile library

That’s why the hotel encourages community inclusion and is a local talent proponent, spruiking what’s around and encouraging you to discover it all for yourself. Whether it’s including Australian linen clothing makers, Venroy, in the room, or granting you access to bits from the brand to take out into the world with you for the duration of your stay, they support and encourage and it’s nice.

That invitation is, of course, extended downstairs to level 1 Hellenika, the Greek restaurant that has taken Brisbane by storm.

Calile pool

If it’s not for the Instagram slamming of the venue you can’t escape from, then perhaps the food is reason enough to go.

It’s Greek fare, done relatively traditionally, allowing all the flavours from the staple cucumber, tomato, red onion and Kalamata olive salads, lamb and greek yoghurt do the talking alongside enough cocktail from the dedicated bar, or champagne from around the world to finish the job. See more at the Hellenika website.

For a night, a weekend or a bit longer, The Calile is one of those inner-city urban stylish hotels that makes the top of the list every time. See more at The Calile website.

Calile dining


From 7-9 June 2019, there’s a new sleep retreat opening at the hotel, by the Goodnight Co. This retreat has been specifically designed for the corporate and high frequency travellers who spend their lives in hotels and need to find that important balance between work and sleep. Guests will hear from a group of inspiring facilitators and learn how to set themselves up for a good night’s sleep no matter where they are. 

Set in the stunning Calile Hotel, The Goodnight Co’s intimate Sleep Retreat will hone in on a combination of wellness and sleep education, designed to help attendees overcome issues like jet lag, travelling for work, hotel rooms, late nights and busy schedules. 

Calile Sleep retreat