Best snorkeling in the Caribbean

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The crystal clear waters, gorgeous climate, and stunning coral reefs make snorkeling in the Caribbean a winning choice for a vacation. The sheer variety of locations, destinations, and marine environments means that snorkeling in the Caribbean is an endless adventure with something for everyone.

Almost every corner of the Caribbean Sea from Cuba to Colombia, and beyond as far as Florida, has great snorkeling so wherever you end up you’ll find something beautiful to look at. But if you are planning Caribbean cruises in 2022 with the specific intention of discovering the best underwater life the region has to offer, here are a few of the top spots.

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Cuba is one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean, thanks to its vibrant culture, gorgeous architecture, and superb nightlife. It is also full of magnificent snorkeling spots. The Bay of Pigs, most famous for a failed US invasion attempt, is home to two fantastic options, Playa Larga and Caleta Buena. With beautiful azure water, stunning soft corals, and even some accessible underwater caves, this is a top spot for snorkelers.

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Cozumel, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, is a popular cruise destination and an absolutely wonderful location for marine adventures. Part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest reef in the world, Cozumel boasts over 1,000 species of underwater creatures in the warm, clear waters surrounding the island.

You can also discover an alternative snorkeling experience by taking a short boat ride to the mainland and exploring the ancient, mysterious sinkholes known as cenotes. These fascinating freshwater caves offer an entirely different snorkeling experience and one well worth checking out.


This little slice of the French Caribbean is famous for the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Park, one of the most well-known and popular snorkeling and diving spots in the entire region. Guadeloupe also offers the fascinating sight of underwater trees just off the coast of its tiny sister island Les Saintes.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands is home to the evocatively-named Stingray City. In these 4m-deep warm waters, you can swim with an entire community of vast, gentle, and remarkably tame stingrays, which is a genuinely otherworldly experience. The Cayman Islands’ delightful shallow bays and beaches make them a great snorkeling destination in general, with delights like the Wreck of the Cali accessible even to young and rookie snorkelers!

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