The best laser tag guns out there on the market


Today, we get to cover some of the best laser tag guns available on the market. Let’s get started with the most popular:

  1. Cobra Phaser

This laser tag gun is constructed with lightweight polycarbonate; making it ideal for younger players and the more mobile type of las er page players. To get started, all that’s needed is the literal turn of a key, and you’re ready to get blasting. This laser tag gun is well suited for indoor and outdoor play. For outdoor play, we do recommend that you place the included 40mm lens in the laser tag gun.

  1. P90 Personal Defense Weapon

If you’re a fan of Star Gate SG1, this weapon has you covered. If you’re interested in a sturdier construction, this gun is a respectable six pounds (3 Kg) due to its metal/polyurethane composition. This gun is well adjusted for both indoor and outdoor play with a range of 300 ft/60m. If you’re really into stats: the stat counter on the gun will be a lifesaver.

  1. Honey Badger (HB14 PDW)

Coming straight out of your television screen from first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty and Halo: we introduce the Honey Badger’s. Given its deliberately compact design. As with the other laser tag guns on this list, it performs just as well both outdoors and indoors. Its compact design makes for a reasonable compromise in weight, weighing in at 2.2kgs/4.6lbs. And, just for that extra touch of realism, the barrel features a tri-coloured, hyper-bright, LED for a perfect muzzle flash effect.

  1. Laser Tag Phaser: AKA “Blaster”

This laser tag gun sets the bar for small and compact design weighing in at a featherweight 1.3kgs/2.8lbs. This “blaster” carries on with the tradition of being adept at both outdoor and indoor play. It borrows other laser tag gun features such as tri-coloured, hyper-bright, LED “muzzle flash.” This combination makes it one of the best laser tag guns. Just because it’s a smaller gun, doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with features.

  1. Spitfire Machine Pistol

This laser tag gun’s design strongly resembles the Uzi machine pistol. It comes in at a light 2.3kgs/5lbs, thanks to its construction metal chassis. Construction and design aside, this laser tag gun is, you guessed it, perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

  1. Morita Sniper Rifle

Some players run and gun, and others, such as owners of this laser tag gun, calmly pick off enemy players from a distance. The most critical feature of this weapon is the 46mm glass lens (165mm focal length). While its design and weight (4.3kgs/9.5lbs) is intended more for outdoor play, it’s fully automatic design still makes this weapon a decent choice for indoor play.

  1. Scorpion SMG Laser Gun

Ending with another laser tag gun of compact, light construction (2.2kgs/4.8lbs), this weapon still has plenty of range thanks to its internal lens, and weather resistant durability. But even if outdoor play isn’t a primary element in your laser tag matches, this compact gun is perfect for indoor play. Like the P90, it has an on/off switch. It also provides useful statistic information, along with different game type/rule settings.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any choice of laser tag gun. But, some guns cater to different preferences over others. If you’re looking for a full-bodied yet light gun, the Cobra Phaser is for you. If you’re looking for re-enactments, sci-fi play, or exemplary stat/gameplay configurations, the P90 Personal Defense Weapon won’t let you down. For a more realistic, compact gun, the Honey Badger (HB14 PDW) is a fantastic choice.

The Laser Tag Phaser: AKA “Blaster” is your best bet if you need the most compact laser tag gun you can get your hands on. Spitfire Machine Pistol is an excellent compact gun with sturdy construction for a more lifelike feel. Morita Sniper Rifle reigns supreme at long range. And the Scorpion SMG Laser Gun is a unique mashup of compact design and statistic/gameplay configurations.