Benefits of installing roller blinds

Roller blinds

In our opinions, roller blinds are the grandfather of blinds. 

They are everywhere. From homes to offices, medical clinics, hospitals and countless other places, roller blinds reign supreme. 

There is also a very simple explanation to this; they are straightforward and uncomplicated. And in this day and age, that is pretty much all we want. A stress-free, simple life. Naturally this includes the decisions you have to make, such as what kind of window furnishings you need.

With a sleek, streamlined silhouette, our made-to-measure roller blinds can instantly transform any room. Whether you want to keep sunlight at bay or need better privacy, these blinds tick off all the right boxes.

As pioneers in the industry, we know a thing or two about roller blinds and why they are a great choice. We also manufacture our roller blinds ourselves, and so know exactly the quality we adhere to. In short, it is second-to-none. It is what has kept us here over five decades later.

You will find that our roller blinds include three main kinds: Blockout, light filtering and sheer. Their individual traits are built right into their names. As you may have guessed, they differ from each other in terms of what they offer. It also poses a conundrum to those who are not sure how to choose. Well, that is an easy one. Double-roller blinds to the rescue!

These roller blinds pack in twice the punch and are an ingenious solution when decision-making. Two blinds make use of one bracket, allowing you to alternate between the two as you please. This would typically consist of one blockout roller blind and a sheer roller blind, like light filtering or sunscreen. They ensure you need not compromise on your privacy, or your view.

As you can see, roller blinds also offer a degree of flexibility according to your needs. While they are not as precisely adjustable as, say, Venetian blinds, they are still a worthy team player.

So why should you choose roller blinds? That is what we are about to find out.

Aesthetic Appeal

Once upon a time, roller blinds were a drab affair. They were only available in monochrome colours, and had little-to-no aesthetics.

Fast forward to today, and the situation is very different. Roller blinds are suddenly looking bright and sprightly, with a spring in their step. And adding to it all, they have become more functional than ever. With a wide array of colours, patterns, textures and fabrics on offer, they really do a lot now in terms of offering aesthetic appeal.

Any window furnishing worth its salt must satisfy two key things: Functionality and aesthetics. Our roller blinds meet them both.

When it comes to aligning them with the rest of your scheme, you can play with many options. For instance, you could go for something more abstract as there is so much you can do. You need not stick to any regime per se, so you are free to experiment with various combinations.

Another option is to also match your new roller blinds to, say, the walls or even other bits of décor. This can include your furniture, or carpets. The choice is yours.

All in all, our high quality blinds are sure to add value to your home. Their chic, modern demeanour ties up the loose ends in any space, and helps leave a positive first impression.

Easy to Maintain

Of all window furnishings out there, roller blinds are probably one of the easiest to clean. They are typically a single block of fabric, with no creases, slats or grooves. For the most part they are flat and smooth, although on occasion a fabric may feature slight bumps due to texture. 

Because of this, they are fantastic additions to homes with kids or pets. Also if you live in a high traffic area that is prone to dust all day long, this could be something to consider. All these blinds need is a good dust every so often, and perhaps a wipe. A soft, damp cloth will do the trick, unless there is a more stubborn stain to treat. In such cases, we recommend using cleaning solutions to clean only the offending area.

Since they do not take up any time or effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance, they are certainly effective.

Low Budget

Since they are no-fuss, hassle-free window furnishings, roller blinds are a cheaper option than the rest. So if you are on a budget or perhaps even looking to swap them in the future, these are cost-effective. Affordability is definitely something we take into consideration when fitting you with the best possible option, so let us know. 

The final cost will depend on what you are hoping to achieve as the final result. Some things that can influence this include:

  • Size of the blinds and how many you need in total
  • Your choice of fabric: Light filtering, sunscreen, blockout, colours, plain, or patterns
  • Operating system: Manual or motorised

If you are on a very tight budget, why not start small? Maybe do a few windows first, and the rest later on. We can always work with what you have. After all, Rome was not built in a day.


Then of course you will want to ensure your blinds last. More often than not, cheaper prices means cheaper quality, which is the case with retail blinds. We have cracked the code, so we are able to balance cost and quality in a way like no other. 

Our roller blinds are designed and manufactured locally, at our local factory. This means that we have complete control over the quality we produce. Our blinds have built a reputation over 50+ years for being long-lasting and appealing at the same time. We employ the strictest standards, adhering to local industry regulations every step of the way as well. In the end, this means you end up with a product that gives you peace of mind for a long time to come.

To round things off, why not look at personalising your roller blinds? You can make use of a sleek cassette which normally is fitted on top. This makes the whole set-up look a whole lot more modern and sophisticated. From classic to contemporary, the spectrum roller blinds cater to, is wide.

You can also up the ante with insulation by adding ‘side channels’. These are fitted to either side of the window frame, and are designed to provide total blockout. This means those annoying streaks of light from the street lamp do not come into your room. Additionally, they ensure hot and cold air do not trickle through any gaps. Ask us how we can include these options with your roller blinds for an all-round experience. 

Our expert consultants are also able to bring our selection of fabrics to you. You get to pick the ideal blinds for your home, without ever setting a foot aside. Book in for an appointment and we can help you get started as soon as possible.