Been meaning to learn a language? Preply will help you master speaking like a local

Man on laptop call

If there’s one language most Australians want to learn, it’s Spanish. But with expensive tutoring, too many class options and strict University requirements and insane dedications of time to navigate around, it’s no wonder most of us aren’t bilingual.

Shame too, given we’re now all in hardcore post-Covid lockdown travel planning mode.

But turn your attention to Preply for a sec, a new online language learning service that is quite genuinely shaking things up.

We’ve all heard of Babbel and Duolingo – good services that are self-driven and focused on fundamentals – but Preply is all about connecting you, the learner, with a tutor for lessons that cut-out the open interpretation of self-driven online courses and curriculums and help you speak like a local.

For as low as USD$15-20 per hour, Preply connects you with a tutor based anywhere around the world for lessons conversation skills (50% of users), for professional development (20% of users) and to prepare for relocation abroad (13% of users).Up until now there are so few options out there that even come close to competing to this!

Preply’s just scored over USD$45 million in funding, so is about to undergo a huge turn-up, connecting Australians with their most popular language choices – and more – Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese and Japanese. Head to the Preply website to discover more and prepare for your first post-lockdown holiday (soon!).