Bathroom decorating ideas for the thrifty homeowner

White bathroom

When decorating around your house or apartment, most people focus on the living room area, bedroom or even the front porch, and seem to leave out a key area in the residence – the bathroom. Regardless of its size, the bathroom needs to be considered with just as much importance as any other room worth the trouble of decorating it.

Hence, in most cases, homeowners are left with a rather small budget by the time they remember to account for the bathroom elements. Still, there is no need to roll the dice at just yet. If you want to make this room as pleasant and decorative as the rest of your home, read on and choose from the numerous tips and ideas that won’t take too much time, space or money.

Paint It White

White paint is the default option at the paint shop, meaning it will cost you the bare minimum. Applying white color on the wall surfaces of your bathroom will give it additional feeling of spaciousness and cleanness without having to bother mixing colours and getting the right shade.

Suspend Your Mirror

It might sound funny at first, but a visibly suspended mirror (using a rope or hangers on both sides) will turn a common bathroom element into a symbol of uniqueness. Even if you can’t achieve this, there is always the option of repainting the mirror frame with a colour contrasting the rest of the bathroom elements.

Towel Ladder

Feel like you can’t find any practical use of the old wooden ladder at the back of your closet? There is no need to throw away such a useful piece of equipment, even if it is no longer capable to hold your weight. Simply polish or repaint it to give it a fresh new glow and you are ready to prompt it up any of your bathroom walls. Just fling a set of colourful towels on it, and you get decoration in the making.

Keep It Green

There is no need to be confused, the walls are still best kept white, but there is something that can be done to give this chamber a more eco-oriented feel. Go to your nearest flower market and chose a plant by your liking, or if you want some advice, go with the all-green types to achieve an aesthetic as well as a beneficial effect.

Don’t Forget about a Floor Mat & Shower Curtain

Bathroom shelves and cabinets won’t allow you too much freedom to mix color patterns, but there is just enough possibility in the right floor mat and shower or tub curtain. There is definitely no need to make them match, on the contrary, it is best when they consist of various color combinations but still manage to go along in the same interior. A good option is to go with a monochromatic pebble mat and a statement shower curtain that bears a story of its own. Add a personal touch and collect the pebbles yourself from your favourite summer beach destination.