Backpacking the world

Student backpack

Backpacking can be an incredible, life-changing endeavour. The opportunity to experience a wealth of different cultures is a true privilege and the experience of travelling to previously unexplored parts of the world can create memories that last a lifetime. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who went backpacking and did not discover at least one gem of a location, or had an encounter that itself affected their outlook on life. Meeting new people and visiting historical and culturally important locations is a truly enriching experience.

Setting off

Naturally, before you set off there are some important logistical and practical considerations to take care of. The traveller must look into a review of money transfer services, ensure that they have the appropriate clothing and toiletries, and meticulously plan their itineraries. Of course, this isn’t the most stimulating and enjoyable part of the whole experience, but it is incredibly important. Once a traveller ticks off all of these pre-adventure must-dos they will be well on their way to the journey of a lifetime.


The flight can be boring but there are some easy ways to avoid the worst of the tedium. Taking an engrossing novel or magazine is an excellent way to offset the worst of the in-air experience. Some people, particularly those with a fear of flying, find a little meditation a good way to take their mind off of the most mind-numbing parts of transit. Mindfulness is key. Having said that, some flights are particularly gruelling. The near 24 hour journey from Australia to Europe (and vice-versa) is one of the most challenging that a traveller can experience. However far a person has to travel, it’s important that they have something to do. Even if that means finding a suitable way to nod off to sleep!

Settling in/jetlag

After such a long flight, it’s important that a traveller gives themselves time to settle in. The jetlag experienced after long flights can be truly misery inducing. The circadian rhythm of the body, or body clock, is completely confused by the change in daylight. It can often take a number of days to adjust to the difference in time zones. Therefore, travellers are advised to take it easy on the first couple of days, find their bearings and give themselves a bit of time to settle in.

Hostel life

There is nothing that has stronger connotations of being a backpacker than staying in a hostel. Hostels are the ubiquitous residences of backpackers the world over. The reasons for this hardly need explained. They are a cheap, fun way to stay in the heart of major cities and towns in almost any location. They are cheaper than hotels, whilst (usually) offering everything that a traveller needs to enjoy their experience. Nonetheless, every hostel is different and it is important for a person to look around for a hostel that suits their needs.