Award-Winning Welsh distillery Wild Moon Expands with unique vodka

Witch vodka

Get ready to embark on a taste adventure as the Wild Moon distillery, nestled in the enchanting town of Wrexham, North Wales, unveils its latest creation – an extraordinary vodka that will awaken your senses like never before. Led by the visionary Jade Garston, affectionately known as the Welsh Witch, this distillery draws inspiration from the captivating tales of Welsh pagan folklore and the mystical lunar cycle.

Introducing Lammas, the latest addition to the distillery’s repertoire of premium spirits. This exceptional vodka derives its name from the next phase of the Wheel of the Year, a celebration of the first grain harvest and a time for gratitude for the bountiful crops. Lammas proudly stands as the sixth offering from the Wild Moon distillery, further expanding their already remarkable range.

Since its inception in 2019, Wild Moon has captured the attention of esteemed organisations, securing recognition and accolades from the illustrious Great Taste Awards. This prestigious honour extends to three of their standout spirits: the Original Dry Gin, Beltane Edition Gin, and Imbolc Edition Gin. With such acclaim under their belt, Jade Garston and her talented team eagerly anticipate the success of their meticulously crafted triple-distilled vodka.

What sets the Wild Moon distillery apart from the rest is not just its award-winning status, but also its unique positioning as the sole female-owned establishment of its kind, drawing inspiration from the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle. To create this extraordinary vodka, the distillery begins with pristine Welsh water sourced from the majestic Ffynnon Beuno Welsh mountains, paying homage to the Celtic pagan roots that permeate the Welsh Witch Spirit collection.

The distillation process itself is a veritable symphony of craftsmanship and mysticism. The vodka trickles through reiki-charged crystals, including aquamarine, amethyst, and moonstone, imbuing it with energy cleansing properties and an exquisite sense of balance. Each bottle is a work of art, meticulously hand-corked and waxed in the distinct apothecary style that has become synonymous with the Wild Moon brand.

Jade Garston, a trailblazing figure in the world of distilling and one of the few female distillers in the UK, radiates excitement as she prepares to unveil this captivating vodka to the public. She emphasises the brand’s unwavering commitment to creating truly distinctive libations, ensuring every drop is crafted with meticulous attention to detail in small, artisanal batches.

Prepare to indulge your taste buds, as the Wild Moon Distillery’s new vodka will soon be available in bars and pubs, joining their esteemed lineup of gins and rums. Jade Garston extends an invitation for all adventurous spirits to experience this thrilling addition firsthand. And for an extraordinary twist, she recommends savouring the vodka with a refreshing botanical cola, elevating your drinking experience to unprecedented heights.

For those eager to explore the depths of this unique creation, visit the Wild Moon online shop at To access the new Wild Moon vodka directly, simply follow this link: welsh-witch-vodka.

As always, we encourage you to embrace responsible drinking habits and relish in the exceptional flavours crafted by the visionary team at the Wild Moon Distillery. Let Lammas be your gateway to unforgettable taste experiences and embark on a journey through the captivating world of Welsh Witch Spirits. Cheers!