Allen’s are making lollies personal this Christmas, exclusively online

Allens lollysmiths

Allen’s are making lollies more personalised this Christmas by launching a range of premium customised gifts, available exclusively at their website, for Christmas. 

You can go online to craft your own ultimate lolly jar, containing a mix of Allen’s sweets in a jar, slapped with a unique name label, which for the first time ever can feature an image of your choice. 

They’ve even intro’d some new flavours and types like ‘A Prince in Disguise’, which is basically a chocolate-coated red frog, and ‘Driving Me Dotty’, a giant milk chocolate freckle. They’ve also got seasonal tins packed with juicy party mix and luscious lolly pops. 

Log on to their website and make your own, sending it worldwide for only $8.