All about wellness, T2 tea has a range that’ll get you there

T2 tea wellness

Life’s super stressy at the best of times. Throw in a pandemic, international travel and the constant work-life balance we struggle to find and there’s no wonder there’s been a huge spike in calls for mental health and wellbeing programs to up their ante!

But never fear; T2 is here with their batch of plant based brews that are here to support your mind and body, the growing wellness collection is designed for the next generation of health enthusiasts.

With four blends, the Australian grown tea master is channeling your inner zen for you in the form of a teacup. The Quiet Mind, The Dreamer, The Belly Blend and The Glowgetter are those blends, sourced from ingredients around the country.

The Quiet Mind has been developed to help you wind down after a long day and press pause on the world. Breathe in soothing peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus while adaptogenic herbs ashwagandha and
schisandra deflect stressors of all kinds. With a refreshingly citrusy flavour – if cool, calm and collected
had a taste, this would be it.

Say hello to serenity, The Dreamer is the next sleepy sister in this essential lineup, transporting you to the
land of Nod as you drift off to sleep. This relaxing tea is an unmissable step in your bedtime ritual, evoking the comforts of crisp white sheets and the plushest of pillows. Trusted for centuries by herbalists
and naturopaths, this tasty blend is sprinkled with a little valerian, that goes a long way to send you off
to sweet dreams. Following in its footsteps is a calming mix of ingredients including lemon verbena, rose
and hops to help you rest easy.

Solving your stomach woes, The Belly Blend has been developed to soothe a bloating tummy. This
luscious whole-leaf sip is blended with fermented pure black tea, cacao, marshmallow root and
tastes delightfully decadent and oh so chocolatey. Not to be forgotten is the powerful prebiotic
ingredient, chicory root, packed full of beneficial bacteria and helps keep things in your system moving. Better out than in we always say.

Last but definitely not least, The Glowgetter, is designed to let your skin shine bright. Featuring
ingredients such as earthy nettle, known for its natural ability to calm and soothe inflammation,
caramelly vanilla and a blend of nettle, rose and linden, your radiance levels will replenish one sip at a
time. Tasting like a floral bouquet this skin-supporting brew will leave beauty-lovers feeling fresh as a

For more and to order your own, head to the T2 website.