All about Milan Design Week 2023

Milan design week tables

It’s official – Milan Design Week 2023 is the event of the year for design aficionados. Whether you’re a style enthusiast or an admirer of art and culture, this iconic event is sure to take your breath away with its remarkable display of design concepts from some of the world’s most renowned designers.

With its grand opening on April 2nd, Milan Design Week 2023 will bring together some of the best minds in the industry over 9 days. Visitors can expect to feast their eyes on innovative products, exclusive designs, cutting-edge technologies, as well as immersive performances and events that are sure to entertain.

One of the highlights of the week will be ‘The Global Kitchen’ which takes visitors through a journey that gives insight into how food production and consumption impacts our lives. From urban agriculture trends to discussions on sustainable solutions for global issues, visitors can expect to come away with a better understanding of how they can make smarter decisions with regards to their food consumption habits.

Next up is ‘Reflections on Craftsmanship’, an exhibition that puts craftsmanship into perspective by showcasing different cultures and artforms from around the world. With more than 25 installations by both emerging and established designers and technologists, this exhibition breathes life into craft creations while also exploring new ways to celebrate craftmanship traditions and techniques from various countries.

Staying true to its name, ‘Light & Shadow’ presents visitors with a captivating live performance that highlights interactive light displays created using virtual reality technology. This spectacular display will highlight stories about architecture, ecology and sustainability set against stunning audio-visual effects that will stir emotions within all attendees.

Finally, after taking in all these amazing showcases, why not end your day at one of Milan’s many aperitivo bars? Located across the city are various spots ideal for enjoying drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) accompanied with small snack size treats such as grilled vegetables or bruschetta – it’s an Italian style way to wind down after a hectic yet ecstatic day!

From mouth watering culinary options to high tech exhibits and everything in between–Milan Design Week 2023 has something special for everyone who loves art & design! Don’t miss out on this must attend event in April 2023!