Acne skin solution that’ll change your life

Clarifier skincare

Clarifier is a scientific skin lab brand featuring technologies from Japan and Switzerland. Headquartered in Sydney Australia with a leading skin research team, Clarifier understands universal skin types and leads the problem skin market with advanced technologies. Savvy beauty lovers at NO FACE Skincare names Clarifier the go to skin brand for acne skin and oily skin types as it’s powerful to decongest the skin, reduce signs of acne and UV damaged skin through enzymes.

Severe acne conditions can be very difficult, and it depends on a variety of factors, however, managing acne is possible. We have spoken to board certified dermatologists about the skin ingredients that work for acne, inflammation and dark spots. It turns out that BHA or Salicylic acid is one of the key ingredients to show great results in fighting acne conditions. Maximum percentage allowed would be 2%, which is enough to result in significant reduction of p acne bacteria when formulated properly. Other ingredients such as active plant based enzymes are also showing prominent results based on new research. Clarifier ENZY contains both BHA and fermented plant enzymes to break down skin blemishes, and the users reported that the result is a reduction of acne condition, with smoother, renewed texture that doesn’t form spots easily. 

We’ve tested the Clarifier ENZY poretech formula and here’s the result:


Before skincare acne

After 3 weeks

SKincare clear skin

Dermatologists advise that acneic conditions vary in individuals, but some active ingredients can serve a purpose to reduce inflammation and control bacteria growth, in order to reduce acne conditions, and that’s how they can work for most skin types. 

Clarifier leads scientific dermatology research in problem skin types by first using plant based enzymes to reduce blemishes. There is a caution that comes with the potent ENZY formula, which is slight tingling or irritation. This is considered normal especially when it’s formulated with potent active ingredients, and the tingling sensation lasts for around 10-15 minutes, and can last for up to 1 hour. For our male participant in our test, it only lasted around 5 minutes each day. Even though plenty of other products cause more severe expected irritation, representatives at Clarifier make sure that we give customers the information upfront so that they can make the most informed decisions when they choose anti-acne products. 

Clarifier is now available at NO FACE Skincare, which provides free expert skin advice when you shop on their website.