Unleash your creativity with the new Acer Swift Go AI Laptop

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In 2024, AI isn’t just a buzzword—it’s transforming the way we use our tech, and the new Acer Swift Go AI laptop is leading the charge. While many of us know about ChatGPT, the real magic happens when AI becomes an integral part of our everyday devices.

AI curiosity is surging, and not just from your olds Googling what it is. Google Search data showing a 50% increase in AI-related queries from Australians over the past year. Riding this wave, Acer, those savvy global tech innovators committed to breaking AI barriers, have introduced a lineup of devices equipped with the Windows 11 CoPilot key—a direct gateway to AI-powered creativity and productivity at the touch of a button.

Some standout AI features the Acer Swift Go offers through the Windows 11 CoPilot key:

  • AcerSense™: Access the AI Zone effortlessly with AcerSense™, featuring tools like Acer LiveArt, Acer AlterView, and GIMP.
  • Acer LiveArt: Quickly remove backgrounds from images and create stickers for presentations and design projects.
  • Acer AlterView: Generate depth maps for 2D images, creating dynamic parallax effects for your live wallpapers.
  • GIMP + Intel Stable Diffusion Plugin: Not to be confused with a GIMP of a different kind, this one is using everyone’s favourite non-Adobe editor. The open-source editor lets you create art and illustrations with a few clicks and simple text commands.
  • Acer PurifiedView™: Look your best in virtual meetings with AI-powered background blur, automatic face framing, and eye contact adjustment.
  • Acer PurifiedVoice™ 2.0 with AI Noise Reduction: Suppress background noise for clear communication, compatible with external headphones and mics—ideal for remote work and open-plan offices.

The Windows 11 CoPilot key is available on Acer‘s AI-enhanced PCs in Australia, with more models expected to launch later in 2024. We don’t know about you but we’re definitely ready to elevate our work, study, and creative projects with the power of AI!