A sports enthusiast’s travel guide: Australia’s iconic sports sites

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It doesn’t matter what sport you are into; Australia caters to so many. It’s home to cricket, football, and the 2000 Olympic games and has impressive sports stadiums. For lovers of sports, Australia is the perfect place to visit. From its beautiful coastline to its outback living, it’s a wonderful place to explore. Australia’s sports sites are truly unforgettable, so let’s learn about the top four.

Melbourne Park: The Place of the Australian Open

Melbourne Park is one of the more prominent sports stadiums located in Melbourne. It has hosted the Australian Open each year since 1988. It has recently undergone a new $1 billion redevelopment to allow the Australian Open to continue being held there until 2046 at least. It has some of the best features and facilities for everyone to enjoy. The arena offers air-conditioned areas and three arenas with closeable roofs, where many great matches have been held. If you’re interested in tennis, you can read about the most iconic Australian Open champions here: They are athletes who shaped the face of tennis.

The arenas can cater to 8,500 guests and have an exciting sporting atmosphere. Melbourne Park has six venues the Kia Are, Centrepiece, Margaret Court Arena, AAMI Park, John Cain Arena, and Rod Laver Arena. The stadium considers comfort with plenty of undercover areas, proximity to the city, and easy transport to and from.

Melbourne Cricket Ground: Only At The G

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is another home to Australian sport. The difference with this one that sets it apart from others is the history. The G has an intense history.  It was built in 1853, but after 15 years, it was moved from its original site to allow for the first steam train to go through right when the oval was at the time.

Since 1859 the Melbourne Cricket Ground has been the backdrop for everything football, and who can forget the start of test cricket here in 1877? In 1971 it became the birthplace of the one-day international cricket. 

Many other sports have been held here, from the Rugby League, the Ausral Whel Aces, and the International Rugby Union. The MCG is located in Yarra Park and is close to the city center. Tourists can visit every day of the week, and you can hire rooms for functions and events.

The Gabba, Brisbane

What an icon the Gabba is. This stadium can cater to 42,000 and has many spaces for functions and events. Beautiful views look over the Gabba, which is why it’s perfect to hold sporting events. The Gabba has a special feature when it comes to cricket matches. It is where cricketers love to bowl, as it allows for good pace and bounce.

The venue was built in 1895 for sporting events, concerts, and dog racing. The Queensland Bulls and the Brisbane Lions call this sporting ground home. The name Gabba is from Woolloongabba, where the stadium is situated. The Gabba has had renovations done which started in 1993. A few new additions like video screens, bleachers, and better grandstands. The project was finished in 2005 and cost just over $128 million. Rugby League has a record for the most attending at the test match between Great Britain and Australia. There was a huge 47,096 attending.

Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium is one sports stadium that is on the list to visit. Seven stadiums exist around the world. The stadium is nothing less than a luxury venue and gives you a sporting experience like no other.  It is located right next to Sydney Cricket Ground. The arena is modeled for entertainment and sporting events in Australia. The stadium is where the Sydney Roosters and the New South Wales Waratahs call home. The ground held the 2000 Olympics and has grown to be one of the most recognized sporting stadiums. 

The arena can hold 42,500 and has a roof over it, so events can still be held in different conditions. Enjoy the views of the amazing ground upon the steep seating that will make you feel like you are on the ground yourself. 

The fans came into consideration when they designed the 360-degree concourse located in the arena that gives you perfect views of the game, so no matter where you are sitting, you won’t miss a thing. A fun fact: 70,982 drilled holes were needed to secure the amazing roof on top.


Aussies take their sport seriously, as reflected in the amazingly built stadiums nationwide. Aussie Rules Football is popular with enthusiasts who want to have more fun and create their own sport. Crushing watermelons with your thighs or cane toad races, just to name a few. 

There is never a dull sporting day in Australia, that’s for sure. With plenty of sporting venues to visit around the country and many things to see and do, it’s clear why is the country so popular among those with a true heart for sport.