9 post-coronavirus travel trends that have become part of our routine

Couple travel travelling

The coronavirus has turned the world upside down. Everything has changed – the field of entertainment went online, which led to the emergence of online casino NZ and other virtual institutions. The same applies to education, work, and of course travel. We have compiled travel trends for 2021 that suggest what our next trips will be like.

Fall is in full swing, and sitting at home is decidedly impossible. The new travel trends for 2021 prove that it is not necessary: you can travel without crossing the borders of your home country.

1. Staycation, or a Vacation in the Native Expanses

A staycation means that you spend your vacation or weekend in a familiar environment: in the country house, in your favorite park, or even on the couch in front of the TV. No sweeping goals or global gatherings.

However, it is much more interesting to try to imagine yourself as a tourist in your hometown. This, too, is a steakhouse option: you do what you’re used to doing on vacation but within walking or driving distance. Do you like going to museums? Find a city museum you haven’t been to yet. Love to go for a walk? Go ahead and find a park or forest!

You can go to new restaurants, organize long-awaited photoshoots, sign up for tours of streets that, at first glance, have been walked by you from and through. The most important thing is that it was 100% vacation. And that means no work calls and emails.

2. Travel Abroad in 2021: Coronavirus Tests and Thermometers

When the borders open, many will start to look at vacation options in neighboring countries, where there is less hassle with documents. This is a reasonable approach, just don’t forget that amid the pandemic, many countries now take your temperature and require a COVID-19 certificate upon arrival.

Certificates at entry or hotel check-in and thermometry at the entrance are also sort of new travel trends in 2021.

3. Traveling by Car Close to Home

What could be better than jumping in the car one day and rushing to the sea, the mountains, or a beautiful town nearby where you haven’t been yet? The idea is great from all sides: exciting, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. In addition, traveling by car in your home country is a good way to support the local economy and encourage small and family-owned businesses that have been hit by the pandemic with particular insidiousness.

Want more spontaneity? Flip a coin: Heads going south, tails going north. Dice divination also works: if the number three comes up, it means you’ll make a detour to the third junction. Or after the third song. Or after 33 kilometers. Complete freedom of action!

4. Wellness Travel: Travel Trends 2021 for Health

Wellness travel – this is, in simple terms, health tourism. Such a vacation is just what the doctor ordered if you feel that the immune system is shaken and you can not relax and clear your head.

There are plenty of ways to de-stress and improve your health by traveling: a spa treatment, a trip to the waters, yoga retreats, and much more. You don’t have to go abroad for that: taking a weekend trip to the cottage with a good book is also a way to take care of yourself.

5. Rest Feral – In a Camping or Glamping

Camping outdoors is a great option for couples and groups of friends alike. No matter how many of you there are, it’s easy to keep your distance while enjoying fellowship. It’s also an eco-friendly approach to travel.

6. Sports Travel Trends 2021: Around the Neighborhood on a Bike

When you’re on a bike, even familiar places look completely different: different from the way pedestrians and motorists see them. And you don’t have to be a Tour de France cyclist to ride through the neighboring cities or the forest trails outside the city.

Don’t worry, even if the last time you saddled your bike was in the last century. Just start with an easy route that you’re sure you can handle: at least take a ride through the park at home. Proved: the inner child wakes up even a half-hour ride and then actively pushes for a new bike adventure.

7. Travel Trends 2021: Travel as a Family

After months of isolation, social distancing is boring even for introverts. We all long for face-to-face communication and familiar faces.

That’s why now is the time to take a big family trip. And it will be big and important, even if you just get together at the cottage and spend the weekend together eating barbecue and looking through photo albums.

Other options – together to take a course in a sanatorium or go on an easy hike in the wilderness. And to make it easier to decide, read up on how to travel with your parents to stay as a family afterward.

As you can see, Travel Trends 2021 clearly shows that this is a special year for domestic tourism. If only because many borders are still closed and it is not clear what will happen with international air travel. But although travel has changed a lot, there are still plenty of ways to get away, blend in with nature, see new places, and reboot. Use this time to get to know your home country and surroundings better. But most importantly, take care of yourself.