8 ways to get sexual in a long-distance relationship

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Regardless of the tough challenges that a long-distance relationship may bring into your life, everything is absolutely possible if you believe you’ve found the right person. Aside from so many missed opportunities to have unforgettable experiences together, one of the most difficult things for many couples to endure is a lack of intimacy. Fortunately, thanks to ever-developing technology, there are a variety of ways to get sexual in a long-distance relationship between in-person meetings.

Below, you’ll find some fantastic ways to spice up your relationship even if you’re miles apart. They include sexting, remote-controlled sex toys, and old-fashioned phone sex, as well as exchanging NSFW films and trying mutual masturbation, among other things. Continue reading to keep the flame burning!

Mutual masturbation

Masturbating together, even when you’re miles apart, can be a great way to stay connected. You can do it every day, or just once in a while, depending on your mood and what you’re each comfortable with.

You can go on Skype, look at each other and talk while you’re pleasuring yourself. It’s an exciting way to get sexual when you miss your significant other and need an intimate moment with them. You can either do it with your hands, or use some of your preferred sex toys. Do you know how to use a rabbit vibrator? Having a vibrator doesn’t mean it can only be used for solo fun!

For those who are a bit shy about masturbating in front of their partner, try it out in the dark or with a blanket over your lap to conceal what you’re doing. Even better, you can try it with your back turned towards each other! You will soon see how quickly you can be turned on simply by hearing your partner experiencing pleasure.

Remote-controlled sex toys

If you look for ways to give you the impression of pleasuring each other, remote-controlled sex toys are just the thing for your long-distance relationship. They allow you to control your partner’s sensations through wireless technology. You can simply operate the toy from a distance by using an app or another form of remote control.

There are plenty of remote-controlled toys available on the market today, including vibrators, penis rings, and nipple clamps. They allow long-distance couples to bring maximum pleasure to each other at any time. Besides, you can simply schedule a call and use regular sex toys while on camera together.


Sexting is one of the easiest things to stay close in a long-distance relationship. It involves exchanging naughty images and messages with your partner, and it can be done whenever you both feel like it – for example, while you’re falling asleep, stuck at work, or on a break from your daily activities.

For many couples, sexting is a great way to keep the flame burning, even if they live close to each other; it’s a great way to flirt, too!

Phone sex

Phone sex might seem a little old-fashioned, but it still works wonders for long-distance relationships. It’s a great way to spice things up when you’re living away from your partner. There’s something about hearing your love’s voice while they describe what they’d do to you if they were with you right now that really gets the blood flowing! Phone sex is also a great way to establish intimacy when you’re trying to reconnect with your partner.

Remember that phone sex doesn’t have to be limited to describing sexual acts; it can also be used for expressing your love and affection for one another. A simple “I love you” can be much more powerful than any naughty conversation!

Write steamy stories together

Writing steamy stories together is a great way to keep the passion burning in your relationship, or if you need to do something to reconnect with your partner. Visualizing and describing in a beautiful language what you’d do to one another while you’re apart can be just as hot as any other form of sexual activity. Besides, you will be able to save it for later and use it while you can’t find a spare moment at the same time.

Watch erotic films together

If you haven’t watched an erotic film with your partner yet, you should definitely give it a try. If you like similar things in sex and can share a screen while being away from each other, it can really increase the temperature between you. You can do it on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime and take turns describing what you’d like to do to one another – either by talking or texting. Try it to keep the passion flowing.

Communicate with your partner

Regardless of how much you may miss one another, communication is essential to every relationship. If you don’t feel like any of the suggestions on this list are helping you stay connected, you may want to talk about it with your partner. You can discuss ways to keep each other satisfied until you’re together again as well as share your sexual fantasies. It’s a great way to break through the communication barrier that may have appeared in your relationship.

Exchange NSFW films

NSFW stands for Not Suitable For Work, and it means that the content you’re about to watch is very explicit. It can be a sexy video, an amateur porn clip, or anything else that is way too hot to be seen at your desk. A long-distance relationship is a perfect excuse to watch these kinds of films, and you can enjoy them together at home without anyone catching you.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a sexy movie, there are plenty of tutorials for those with limited filmmaking experience. No matter your desired effect, you’ll need some type of camera; newer iPhones come with a handy video app. If you have a Mac computer, it’s possible to shoot videos using iMovie.

Final thoughts

Dating long-distance certainly is challenging. You have to deal with various obstacles, and there’s always a chance that things won’t work out. That said, if you can find someone compatible with you, who can engage as you do, it will be easier to keep love alive.

If you want to make your relationship work, you’ll need to create and maintain an air of intimacy and passion that will strengthen your bond. In the end, it’s all worth it if you find the right person to share your life with, even if they’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you.