8 countries with the most unusual but delicious cuisine

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In any country, you can get acquainted with its traditions, see historical sights and, of course,
try the local cuisine. Some dishes have become familiar all over the world, while others are

There are also dishes that are quite unusual for tourists but have a number of
fans. In which countries can you try them?

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Italian cuisine is known in almost every country. Many of her dishes are willingly prepared
not only in their historical homeland. However, Italy still surprises tourists. In Sardinia, they
prepare an unusual cheese “Casu Marzu”. This is the famous cheese with larvae. It tastes
like a sharp and viscous mess.


If you want to try something exquisite, then it is best to look into the culinary recipes of
France. Some of them are a bit unusual, but they will still please the sophisticated gourmet.
Frog legs is a dish that not everyone is ready to include in their menu even now.


The vibrant life of the Spaniards is reflected in their dishes. Almost all tourists are satisfied
with the local cuisine. Of course, there are also unusual dishes, such as black rice. A
peculiar colour is given to it by cuttlefish ink. This dish is usually served with mouth-watering


Greek cuisine offers hearty and tasty dishes. There is nothing on the rich table. At the same
time, everything looks attractive and smells fragrant. But most of all they love moussakas
here. This is a very tasty casserole made with eggplant, cheese, minced meat, and potatoes.
Topped with bechamel sauce.


Rich in gastronomic delights and Turkey. The most popular here, of course, are oriental
sweets. But Turkish cuisine is not limited to this. There are also lesser-known dishes, but
their excellent taste is not reflected in any way. You can, for example, try mussels cooked in
sauce and stuffed with rice.


Dishes of Thailand – it’s a solid exotic. It even has fruits that you are unlikely to find
anywhere else. Locals are very fond of soups, so they offer tourists to try them too. Tom Kha
is a soup made with coconut milk. It combines different tastes: spicy, salty, and spicy.


Mysterious Mexico welcomes tourists. An interesting excursion program and a plentiful table
await them. Stuffed cabbage lovers should try tamali. This dish resembles the usual
cabbage rolls, however, wrapped in corn cob leaves.


Morocco is one of the most beautiful and colourful countries in North Africa. There are
endless sands of the Sahara, green reserves, snowy peaks, flowering meadows, crystal
waterfalls, mysterious caves and golden beaches. Historically, Morocco is located at the
crossroads of world trade routes. Formed under the influence of different cultures, the
cuisine of this country today is a combination of all kinds of products. But the main feature of
traditional Moroccan cuisine is spices. Moroccans flavour their dishes with a variety of spices
and aromatic herbs, achieving a distinctive taste.


We have compiled a list of 8 countries with the best, in our opinion, and most unusual
cuisine. There are also many places in the world where you should go to satisfy your
gourmet preferences. We hope our article will help you choose a place for your future