7 tips to help you discover the best online casino to play

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There is no doubt that gambling in online casinos is fun and exciting. Choosing the right casino can, however, be tricky. The best place to start is always by setting your own expectations. What games do you enjoy, and are the bonus offers important to you?

If you choose to do the research yourself, you can focus on a range of different factors. Some are more obvious than others – for example, making sure that the casino has a valid license. Customer support, range of games and payment methods are also things that you need to consider.

How to find a great online casino

It all begins with research, comparing interesting casino sites and what they offer. You can do it yourself by reading a lot of reviews. Another way is to make use of trusted sites like Aus casino. They usually list the best casino bonuses, VIP programs and other useful information at a glance.

In addition, they often feature casino reviews that delve deeper into the pros and cons, testing out the support speed and availability, bonus terms and conditions and other factors. Below, Kim Pascoe, an expert in the industry, explains seven useful casino online tips that can help guide you when you decide if the casino you want to visit is worth it.

1. Set a budget

Many of the online casino tips and advice for gambling are the same as for land-based casinos, knowing your budget limit is one of them. Gambling without deciding on a set amount of money is a certain way to lose.

2. Learn the rules and practise on free versions

There are several kinds of casino games today, including traditional table games, card games and slot machines. They all come with their own set of rules. Learning the rules of the games you are interested in is one of the keys to succeeding. Slot machines are randomized and therefore luck-based, but it still is worth it to familiarize yourself with the gameplay features of the game you want to play.

3. Browse the available games

A casino can hardly be considered great if they do not have a wide variety of games. Slots are popular among almost all gamblers, and if the casino is lacking in this department you should reconsider your choice.

4. Pay attention to the license

Gambling for real money is a serious thing and most countries are regulating the industry. Some have very strict laws, including New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Finland and several other countries. This is good for players because a license is a good indication that the casino is secure and safe for you to visit.

5. Be clever about bonus offers

Nearly all online casinos will promote bonus offers today. What you need to do is sort out the bad offers from the good ones. That means you need to read through all the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the bonus.

The most important one will be the wagering requirement, which requires you to play through the bonus amount a certain amount of times. If it’s too large, the bonus certainly isn’t worth it.

6. Checkout the payment methods

Playing at a casino means spending your money, potentially a lot of it. This is why you need to make sure that the casino offers payment options that are safe and secure.

If they use well-known methods you’re all set, but if you come across something you do not recognize, be careful. This is certainly true for cryptocurrencies where new ones continue to show up on the market.

7. Try out the customer support

A great casino takes care of its customers. This means you should not have to search hard for support options. Good casinos have both a dedicated FAQ section and different options to contact the support service. A good casino will have 24/7 live chat, and e-mail or phone as a backup.


Doing research when choosing an online casino is important. It can be difficult and time-consuming but the more information you have before you spend your money the better.