7 Ideas for Matching Wedding Bands

Wedding ring

When you select matching wedding bands, you also express your personality as a couple. The matching wedding ring symbolizes the couple’s outward commitment to the vows of an eternal partnership by displaying their love.

Today, matching his and her wedding ring sets are unlike any you’ve seen. Different couples have different ideas for matching their rings. These ideas may include diamond shapes, widths, metal colors, and settings. At the same time, some may prefer to have identical or similar details or designs for both wedding rings.

This article will share ideas for unique matching wedding ring sets you can choose from for your special day.

Popular Ideas for Matching Wedding Rings

1. Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond accents are today’s most popular trends in his and wedding bands. Delicate infinity bands, daring eternity bands, and refined devotion bands are all examples of brilliant settings designed specifically for the diamond-obsessed couple.

For example, you and your partner may want 14k gold because you met in 2014, but you prefer white gold, and they prefer rose gold. Then, you’re still a match!

2. Pavé and Bead-set Diamond Wedding Bands

Pavé is a setting style in which numerous melee diamonds are set into the surface of the metal in a honeycomb pattern, nestled close to the stones next to them. It gives the appearance of continuous diamonds. The sparkle of a diamond field is irresistible, making the pavé look one of this year’s hottest trends in wedding bands.

Bead-set diamonds are another popular wedding band design. Small metal beads hold the diamonds in place in this setting style, creating a simple and elegant look.

3. Platinum Or Gold Wedding Bands

Platinum and solid gold bands are timeless designs popular among couples who prefer a more traditional look. However, this does not imply that they must be traditional. Add flair to your matching set by selecting a modern flat or brushed band or a dramatic signature V or chevron.

4. Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold is a popular wedding band metal. Its warm tones are calming and relaxing. When combined with the ever-popular white metals, rose gold wedding bands can make a bold statement. Another advantage is that rose gold wedding rings complement most skin tones.

Also, rose gold has historical significance: it was popular in Victorian and retro engagement rings. If you’re curious, rose gold is created by incorporating copper into a gold alloy.

5. Stackable Wedding Bands

Stackable wedding bands are popular for a reason. It’s a simple, customized look and can be altered to suit your mood, outfit, season, and other factors.

This wedding band can also be used to add a lot of melee diamonds, which sparkle more. It’s no surprise that stackable wedding bands are popular, with so many benefits.

6. Twisted Wedding Bands

Twisted bands are unmistakably modern, but the motif is centuries old. Images of rings braided from hemp or reeds were found on papyrus scrolls from ancient Egypt. Perhaps the motif represented two intertwined lives. Aside from theories, twisted wedding bands today provide a modern look and welcome visual richness to engagement rings.

7. Vintage-Inspired Wedding Bands

Every wedding must have “something old, something new…” You can have both with vintage-inspired matching wedding bands! This ring setting offers classic yet timeless appeal, ideal for every love story. But, with diamonds grown sustainably in the zero-emission foundry, they are also true to the future, making them last longer eternity.

Seal Your Love with One-of-a-Kind Wedding Rings

If you plan to coordinate your wedding rings to match one another, feel free to do so. You can explore several ideas and find the right design to symbolize your and your partner’s unique love story.