7 cool gift ideas for teenage girls


If you have a teenage daughter, you’re probably well aware it’s not always easy finding gifts for her that she actually likes. Choosing a gift for your teen can be very intimidating, we know. These Gen Z-ers are up to speed on all the latest trends and know what’s cool and what’s definitely not. We can promise you, cool is super important. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a teenage girl in your life, have no fear, we have you sorted. Here are 7 of the coolest gift ideas for that difficult-to-please teenage girl in your life. 

1. It’s no secret Apple products are incredibly popular among every generation, and the Gen Z-ers are no exception. If you’re tired of listening to Ariana Grande on repeat, this is a gift for you, too. My Gen Z intel says that the factory earbuds aren’t that cool anymore. Your teen will be super impressed if you give them a pair of these Apple AirPods with wireless charging. They’re the perfect gift for her to pretend she didn’t hear what you said. (Kidding.)

2. Nail art has become increasingly trendy, and if your teen girl loves having fun manicures, we have a gift idea she’ll be over the moon for. This DOLO SNS Marble Nails starter kit is easy to use, heaps of fun, and creates the coolest, one-of-a-kind nail art in seconds. Be warned, she’s probably going to want to do your nails too. Let her — you don’t want to let this rare bonding occasion at this age pass. 

3. If you can’t seem to ever pick out the right clothes for your teenage girl, we have THE perfect gift idea for you — a gift card from Pretty Little Thing, so she can pick out exactly what she wants. Seems impersonal? I promise she isn’t going to think that. She’ll be happy she will get to choose things she actually likes and your feelings won’t get hurt when she wants to return the things you picked out yourself. Win win. 

4. We’ve seen a lot of hair trends in our days — from super straight, flat-ironed hair, to crimped tresses and everything in between. These days, mermaid hair is in, but I’m sure you’re teenage girl doesn’t have a weekly-standing booking at the blow dry bar. Give her a gift that she can easily style her hair at home with. The Wave Kit is the perfect hot tool to create beauty mermaid waves. 

5. If the teenage girl in your life enjoys reading, we know a great gift that she is guaranteed to love. The new Billie Eilish book is sure to be a winner. If you didn’t know, Billie Eilish is a teen-pop icon of Gen Z-ers around the globe. She’s talented, authentic, stylish, and she gets your daughter’s teenage angst. She’s cool, like really cool.

6. Chunky, colorful beaded necklaces are all over instagram right now, and understandably so. We like them too. If your daughter loves DIY projects or arts and crafts, she’s going to love this gift. This jewelry making kit comes with thousands of beads and all the necessary accessories to make super fun jewelry. This gift will keep her busy for hours, and it’s even something you could do together. If she allows it, of course. 

7. Bucket hats are cool again, and there’s a good chance your daughter has been eyeing a bucket hat from this incredibly popular hat company, Lack of Color. We’re into the zebra print, and it happens to be sale. You can take the credit for this gift. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.