6 unique gift ideas for the person who has everything

Man hands gift

Finding the perfect gift to show someone you care can be difficult, especially if that person has everything they could ever want or need. Luckily, by taking some time to think about their personality and interests, as well as your relationship with them, you can come up with unique gift ideas that show them just how much you love and appreciate them, even when it seems like everything has already been bought. Here are six creative and thoughtful gifts that can be personalised to anyone’s needs and tastes, making them one-of-a-kind and the perfect way to convey how much they mean to you.

1)  Consider their interests

If the person you’re shopping for is hard to buy for, start by considering their interests. What do they love? What brings them joy? With these things in mind, you can begin to brainstorm some unique gift ideas that they’ll be sure to love. Perhaps they enjoy cooking and gardening? Maybe a creative project or children’s book will suit them well. You could also consider giving them a subscription service of their favourite magazine, coffee, or meal delivery service as another option. Another way to give someone something that suits their personality would be to take advantage of what your area has to offer. Is there an art festival coming up soon? A music concert? An unusual restaurant opening up soon that might interest them? When you offer an experience instead of an object, it’s much more personal and unique.

2) A Day at home with one of their favourite celebrity chefs

Maybe your friend’s favourite celebrity chef is Bobby Flay or Giada De Laurentiis. Why not surprise them with a day at home where they get to hang out and cook with their favourite celebrity chef? This is a higher budget gift idea, however, many chefs also offer cooking classes in groups which are cheaper. So if your loved one is into cooking this may be the perfect gift for them.

3) Choose something that will be cherished

You can always provide a gift that is full of memories and will be cherished. For example, buy a scrapbook with pictures of your time together, it can even have handwritten notes and memories. This could even be an interactive gift like a diary where they have to answer questions or even a photo album that plays music every time it’s opened.

4) Personalise the gift

When it comes to unique gift ideas the best thing you can possibly do is to personalise the gift. This can be done by engraving the person’s name on the gift, or by adding a special message. If you are giving a piece of jewellery, you could also have a special symbol engraved that has meaning to the recipient.

5) Consider what size they need or want

If you know the person you’re shopping for likes a certain type of clothing or jewellery, consider what size they need or want. It’s always better to err on the side of too big rather than too small. You can always have something tailored if it’s too large, but if it’s too small, they’ll be stuck with it. You could also get them clothes hangers, so that when they receive clothes as gifts in the future, they’ll have somewhere to put them.

6) Don’t stress about having no idea

No matter what the occasion is, coming up with a unique gift idea can be tough. If you’re struggling to find something special for the person who has everything, don’t stress. You can always reach out and simply ask them if there is anything they need. If they say nothing, try to observe them when they are with you, and typically you will be able to find out what they need.