6 reasons to travel to Japan in 2022


Japan is one of the most incredible travel destinations on Earth, where centuries-old traditions coexist harmoniously with all kinds of innovations. Residents skillfully use all the benefits of civilization, without violating the established rules.

Here are 16 reasons why you need to choose Japan as your travel destination in 2022.

Fabulous animal sanctuaries

One such place is Zao Fox Village, which is located in Miyagi Prefecture on Honshu Island. Wild foxes live there, and all but very young children are welcome to visit and feed them. Adults will love this place as well, especially if they are fond of Woo Casino Australia slots, dedicated to these creatures. 

Tokyo is the safest city in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit published its ranking of the safest cities in the world. Its composition is based on such indicators as information and personal safety, health protection and the state of urban infrastructure. Tokyo was ranked 1st for the totality of all indicators, 2nd was Singapore, and 3rd was Osaka.

In Japan, there are instructions and signs everywhere that even foreigners can understand, because the text is often duplicated in English and accompanied by pictures.


It will surround you everywhere. The beauty of Japan is based on care, thoughtfulness, cleanliness, and conformity with people and their needs. And, of course, the sense of harmony and sense of beauty, nurtured by many generations. 

Premium fridays

It’s no secret that in Japan, almost all working people suffer from overwork, as they stay at work every day, sometimes for 2-3 hours. To combat this phenomenon, the government has adopted a program called “Premium Friday”. Now every last Friday of the month, employees will be able to go home a few hours earlier. The first to take advantage of this opportunity (and set an example for his fellow citizens as well) was Economics Minister Hiroshige Seko, who went to play curling after work.

Incredible culinary diversity

You can find anything in Japan, from traditional okonomiyaki scones to a sakura-flavored chocolate bar. And soon there will be a cafĂ© for Lego fans, where you can try food that looks just like parts of a construction set – which doesn’t make it any less tasty, though.

Bullet trains

The Shinkansen high-speed line trains aren’t called bullets for nothing. They can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h and allow residents of remote cities to get to work or school on time. Delays in Japan aren’t welcomed, even if they are not the fault of the person who is late.