6 ideas to renovate your patio

Taubmans deck

As the weather is getting warmer and everyone is spending more time outdoors, it’s perfect timing to take a look at your outdoor space and consider adding some updates so it can be a beautiful, relaxing place for everyone to enjoy.

Even if you weren’t planning to do any major renovations, you can still create a stylish and comfortable space on a modest budget. Surely, it’s more than just setting out a table and a few chairs, but with the help of a few creative ideas, you can transform a dull backyard space into a dreamy patio paradise.

Define/re-define the space

Before you start renovating your backyard, determine what it is that you want to get out of the renovation. Be clear about your goals and ask yourself some basic questions about the best ways of utilizing the space and make sure you have a wish list composed so you can keep your focus.

You’ll need this particularly if you currently don’t have a patio and you need to define the space, but also if you’re reconfiguring your existing patio. It will help you achieve what you want, so consider if this space will be a place for the kids to play or a cozy sitting area for family gatherings and hosting guests,

what materials you prefer, how much greenery you would want to incorporate and so on.

Redesign the floor

The old ways of putting up foldable picnic chairs on the grass simply won’t cut it. To be a truly relaxing outdoor space, your backyard needs a designated patio area and the best way to start is from the bottom up, that is, the floor. Think in terms of permanent, low-maintenance options that will last a long time, such as natural stone pavers or brick that can give your patio that classic look. You can also work with concrete as it’s quite a budget-friendly option and it allows you to create any shape you want and even customize it with stenciled patterns and designs.

Bring in the plants

By incorporating plants into the space you can bring that wow factor to your patio that you desire. Certainly, you can go with the traditional flower pots here and there, but you might also consider vertical planting, either at the back of your patio or on its sides where it can also serve as a makeshift screen. Vertical planting is a cool way to infuse greenery, particularly with small patios.

Another way to go is to introduce raised beds and place them around the edges of your patio so they would perfectly surround the patio, give it more definition and definitely add more texture, color and beauty.  

Create outdoor comfort

By definition, outdoor patios are the extension of our living rooms and that feel should be carried through. You can achieve it even without breaking the bank with a few cleverly chosen details – a damask outdoor rug, bargain wicker or bamboo-look outdoor furniture, cushions, matching pillows, and a few soft throws. The final look will be one of affordable style and comfort.

Add DIY touches

This is the part where you can truly let your imagination loose! If you love DIY projects, roll up your sleeves and transform a neglected backyard into a family-friendly place for lounging with creative details and pops of vibrant color.

Even with a small patio area, for instance, a 10 by 10-foot stone paver patio, you’ll have a solid and dry base for some fun outdoor furniture, such as a glass top table with wooden chairs that you can paint in different colors, a little vertical herb garden on the side, hand-sewn or embroidered cushions in the seating area or anything else you like and feel up to including.

Make it cozy and inviting

Finally, your patio space should be cozy, comfy and inviting so make sure you introduce the features that will contribute to that idea. If you typically spend quite a lot of time there, add some shading options such as umbrellas, a removable canopy, or put up a pergola. The latter one may take up more of your time and effort but the result is more permanent and leaves a lot of options – you can plant some vines so when they grow you’ll have natural shade, hang string lights for ambiance, or a chic chandelier for those romantic evenings.

Re-visit your original plan and wish list and see if there’s room left for any other additions that can complete your outdoor dream – a water feature, fire pit, candles, music system, or even a food and beverage station.

A backyard patio is a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space where you can enjoy great times with your friends and family from mid-spring to late summer and beyond. In comparison to grassy gardens, a paved patio is fairly low maintenance and with the help of some of the ideas listed here, you can transform it from drab to fab!